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Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 08:35

Hi all, 

I posted the other day regarding a breast clinic refural ive had lumps in my boobs on and off for as lign as i can rember but never been refured befour so extra scared , i did have a bit of boob pain but i thought that was down to the time of the month although im on the implant i still tent to get achy. 

Im 26 (27 next month) and so bloody scared its unreal my clinic app is monday and im imagining all sorts of pains at the minute and constantly checking every inch of my body . I have 2 young boys and its such a hard time .. any positive outcomes id love to hear them please no negativity my heads doing enough of that thank you xx

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 09:04 in response to Jadeh1992

Hi!! Literally just joined to reply to you as im currently going through very similar and am really struggling to deal with it! Like you i have a history of breast lumps, and in the past have been reffered to the breast clinic for tests to be told i have fibroadenomas. I am 27 by the way and also have two boys, just turned one and my eldest is five in feb! I noticed a burning/achey feeling in right armpit in around September 2018, and ignored it for a while as just thought it was an ingrown hair etc etc, but the pain never went away and here we are in january and noticed a couple of breast lumps, went to docs and have been reffered to breast clinic for appt on monday the 21st. I am so so worried about having breast cancer, i feel physically sick thinking about it and when i look at my sweet little boys all i want to do is cry as I don’t want to get ill and ever ever leave them!! So just wanted to say you’re not alone and i truly hope we are both ok, best of luck at your appointment sweet heart, im struggling to cope with the worry of it all so can really relate to you x 

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 09:15 in response to WorriedMummyOf2

Wow r lifes sound very similar my little boy turns one on thursday and my eldest 5 in april ive broke down so many times looking at my youngest carnt for my 4 year old he will worry , best of luck with your appointment lets pray were both ok . So hard not to think thr worst n diagnose your self with all sorts isnt it . X

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 09:24 in response to WorriedMummyOf2

Morning ladies and welcome to this forum! It is a worrying time there’s no getting away from that. But most lumps are nothing to worry about some are though,that’s why you get sent to breast clinic. Better to be safe! I found a lump and although I was 48 at the time so a few years older than you two!! I had a mammogram ultrasound scan and two core biopsies taken they found another lump. My results a week later came back inconclusive and it was decided to do a lumpectomy within four weeks. It was in fact done just over two weeks later! Then two week wait for results. The waiting not knowing is the worse thing going plus I had my birthday in that time and was a mess I cried at work thinking I would be here for my 50th everything went through my mind. Then result day came couldn’t eat crying again wanted to go but didn’t scared what was going to be said, but it was good news both lumps benign!! They had to say it twice! Did take a few weeks to get my head round it as it had been an emotional rollercoaster but I was one of the lucky ones! I now have to have yearly mammograms and my first one will be May! The ladies on here will help as much as we can although not doctors but have been through what you are in some form. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on

big hugs xx 

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 09:27 in response to Beachbabe

Thats brilliant news for you although must have been so hard not knowing at the time glad all was ok x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 09:35 in response to Jadeh1992

Wow we are very similar, my baby was one on the 3rd of jan which was also a Thursday! Crazy! Yes, i agree the older boys will worry but its so hard to be strong too, i have a constant pain in my chest like my heart is gonna explode with worry, its awful.. i hope we are both fine too. I’ve been googling alot and thats made me feel bloody worse, reading all sorts of stuff. Feeling tired alot recently and any pain i have in my body i convince myself its related to the lumps i have and that its not good! Maybe i need to think more rationally and put the tiredness down to my teething one yr old who is waking every hour all night at the mo lol. Anyway like i said before i really do understand and if i can ever help in anyway just let me know, your stronger than you think x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 09:42 in response to Beachbabe

Thank you for taking the time to share your story, its much appreciated. You sound very brave and have been through a lot. I agree the worrying really does make you feel terrible. Also i am glad you are having yearly mammograms to monitor any changes etc, this i hope will put your mind at ease in the future. Well done for getting through what must have been a terrible time you sound like a very strong lady, best wishes to you! x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 11:47 in response to WorriedMummyOf2

Thank you ive been paniking no end even on anxiaty tablets , i feel like i carnt bare monday ino ill brake down in there but at thr same time i wont it over and done with , hope u have some support at home x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 12:19 in response to Jadeh1992

You poor thing, you sound just like me! I hope to god we are just worrying ourselves silly for nothing. I feel the same about my appointment too and  I'm worrying about crying the whole time and looking silly! It’s not silly though and they will be used to plenty of women being scared and upset. I just can’t believe I have another full week of hell and another weekend to wait, itss bloody tiring isn’t it. You are so brave and will get through Monday, you can do it, honest. I have some brilliant support at home so I’m lucky in that way, i really hope you have some support too. X

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 12:35 in response to WorriedMummyOf2

Ive warned my other half im going to be a wreck in there but i think they will be used to seeing that sort of fear in people i dont no how ill contain my self at all especially if they wont to do a biopsy or something aghhhhh i feel so trapped in my own body its bloody awful x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 12:43 in response to Jadeh1992

I know exactly how you feel, really i do. I just want to scream and cry but i cant ! And dont get me started on what i will be like next monday, will be shaking like a leaf with my eyes full of tears wanting to go home and cry even more! The fear is real - we just need to face it and tackle it head on and dont let it beat us. I’ve had something similar to a biopsy last time just using a finer needle, wasnt that bad to be honest. They will probably ultrasound your lump and will give you an idea there and then so its all very quick. I want the appointment to hurry but at the same time I wish i didnt have to go and could hide away instead! Ughh its HORRIRD x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 12:48 in response to WorriedMummyOf2

The procedure of one dosnt scare me its thr thought of them thinking i need one n then the results i carnt hack it its such a rubbish time ill brake down in there no doubt about it x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 12:58 in response to Jadeh1992

I know its just awful.. if you break down thats fine honestly, it means you’re human!! I will be exactly the same i swear. You’ll get through it love honesty x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 20:03 in response to WorriedMummyOf2

Thank you i honestly feel like the weakest and lonliest person at the minute , im dreading it i no ill have a panic attack in there x

Breast lumps

12 Jan 2019 20:45 in response to Jadeh1992

I know same here, feel like everyone around me  is just normal and worry free and like im the only person feeling this way, yet I’ve looked through this site and the amount of young women like us goin through similar is SCARY. It’s awful but it makes me feel relieved knowing  im not the only person right now feeling this way.. and i dont mean that in a nasty way either as no one should have to worry about cancer. WHere in the uk are u hun im northwest in lancashire x