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Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

22 Sep 2017 09:20

hi to anyone due to have this op

i had mine yesterday. Got there for 7:30 am. Changed into gown, dressing gown nd slippers. Had bp nd temp done met consultant, anaesthetist. Had breast marked up then radioactive injection (to help them find nodes during op- negates the need for the blue dye). 

Then the wait to go. There were 4 of us for the same op so we pulled up chairs nd sat and chatted. 

I went for op at 1:30. Woke up in resus then taken back to room (no bed in room just a chair)5:00pm. Bp and temp. Cup of tea nd toast. Approx hr later told could go home. 

I have no pain ( I am taking 2 paracetamol 4hrly). I slept well last night. I can move arm freely etc and had no problems getting dressed or moving around. 

I am waiting now for the district nurse coming to check me over. At the moment there is no bruising and very little swelling. 

All the staff were brilliant I can not fault them. 

If you too are to have this op I can honestly say it was no where near as bad as I had built it up in my mind. As always it is the waiting that is the worst. 

Good luck to those due to have this and try not to worry   

Take. Care

Sandra x

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

22 Sep 2017 14:51 in response to Sandra123
Glad it went well Sandra, easy peasy. Just a word tho, my bruising took about a week to come out then I looked as tho I'd been beaten up. Hopefully that might mot happen to you. Take care!

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

22 Sep 2017 16:38 in response to rileyroo

Hi Rileyroo 

thank you for all your earlier help it really did get me through. 

Eee Rileyroo -I was given the option for just a local anaesthetic and to watch... I declined:-0 instead they gave a light general(just enough to make me sleep and local for the op. Apparently cuts down on side affects and risks.

The district nurse called and said she had to google what the seeds were that they put in so I explained to her what they were bless. She checked me over and said both I and wound looked great - the dressing  is t come off in a weeks time - I could go t gp surgery for this or just take it off myself - so gonna do myself( obs any probs to ring the number she gave me)

Don’t know if you’s have this but up here we have Florence - it’s a text service - so last night I got a text asking how I comfortable I was 1-10 1 is very. I texted 2 so got a reassuring text back but apparently if I put a 9  or higher the text to come back to hosp and what ward to present to. I’ll cont t get texts for the next few weeks asking how I’m progressing on all aspects such Movement with appts sent for physio if got problem etc  I’m rather impressed with it.

all in all the whole op experience has turned out to be much smaller than my mind made it - thanks again for trying to tell me this Happy

I’ve stopped taking the paracetamol cos just a bit tender now no actual pain- hope it lasts:-)

Fingers crossed my bruising will b minimall and I don’t crash nd burn tomorrow .

keep well in mind and body 

Sandra x






Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

22 Sep 2017 17:05 in response to Sandra123

Nothing like that round here, I heard nothing from the hospital or anyone else for that matter unless I contacted them. 

It all sounds very civilised altho the local anaesthetic wouldn't work on me anyway, they are pretty ineffective. Had a wire put in pre op and did a vab, neither ever to be repeated. Nearly passed out with the wire as the local set off the most horrible nerve pains and when she stuck the wire in , yowee. As for the vab, less said the better. 


Really hope your recovery goes well, your hospital sounds very enlightened. Mine on the other hand is still in the dark ages, might as well cover myself in woad before going there!

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

22 Sep 2017 17:06 in response to Sandra123

I took my own dressing off as well. Did it at my pace without some one trying to rip my skin off. 

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

22 Sep 2017 18:29 in response to rileyroo

Blinking heck not at all what you want just before your op like. I didn’t need the wire cos I had the seeds (all 4 of us in for the op had them) mind you needed local t put them in too. 

I was thinking of taking my dressing off in the shower ( in the hope it comes off easier when wet). Any words of wisdom on best way?

I’ve just had an automated tel call for me to press star to confirm I will be attending my post op appt on 2nd Oct !

def using technology to its most lol 

take care 

Sandra x


Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

22 Sep 2017 18:57 in response to Sandra123
I took mine off when I was sat down just in case. I'm not good at having dressings removed (total wuss that I am). I'm allergic to a lot of dressings anyway, bring me out in blobs. I had two lots on, an outer one and then a strip instead of stitches. Took both off at the same time. Got in the shower afterwards but was a bit careful, felt a bit unprotected so it had it's first post op wash very very gently. I found bio oil helped it heal really well but I guess we all find our own ways to help ourselves. My follow up appointment arrived by letter about two weeks after the op. Like I said, dark ages.

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

23 Sep 2017 22:25 in response to rileyroo
Hi Sandra. Glad to hear you're doing well. I had wire and dye but they glued my wound so wasn't allowed to get that wet for 2 weeks. Let's just say hugging was a no no! Like rileyroo I had to ring if there was a problem but cancer nurse rang once day after. I never had any bruising at all. Let us know how appt on 2 October goes. Take it easy.

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

24 Sep 2017 14:34 in response to Jbains

Hi Jbains

thanks for keeping in touch:-) hope all is well with you too. 

I am still doing well. Went out for breakfast yesterday  nd spent a couple of hours at shops- was good t b out, so much so been out with family today for walk nd lunch.:-) still no bruising at the min but @rileyroo ‍ mentioned hers came out wk later so may still have that t look forward.

I just don’t seem to be able to keep warm so have heating on full blast - Sun is shining here so everyone who is visiting are lathered lol. 

i can’t thank you both enough for keeping me grounded in the lead up to my op- much appreciated. 

Keep well in mind and body jbains:-)

take care 

Sandra x

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

24 Sep 2017 22:04 in response to Sandra123
Hi Sandra. Am so happy to hear you're doing really well. I still feel cold when i start to feel unwell/tired. It's really important to take it easy - i didnt and learned what extreme fatigue was the hard way. I still have bad days physically and emotionally. Unfortunately I suffered skin damage due to radiation as well as the healing of the op site. The pain takes my breath away at times. But I am thankful for being here. I do hope you continue to stay as positive and do as well as you are. Being able to go out and about is the best feeling of control of my life I hope never to lose. Sorry have been quite down the last couple of days. Take it easy and keep smiling.

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

25 Sep 2017 07:38 in response to Jbains

Hi jbains 

i think I’m on a bit of a high just from the fact the op wasn’t as bad as I thought (and the lumps are out).

Won’t b surprised if I  crash and burn at some point... I think the ups and downs will b “normal” (whatever passes for normal these days).

Bless - embrace the down days they are your safety valve - the release of the burden of “staying strong” ( which often as not seems t b for other people rather than ourselves). 

Celebrate the wins however small (mine is currently mastering sleeping flat on my back - always slept on my stomach before.... sigh:-) 

I tip my hat t u for your ability t come on here and support others......while u are going through this yourself!!!

and... and .... u still hold top of the leader board for driving on day 3 Happy  here’s day 4 for me and not give it a thought - despite all those driving questions before my op - oh the  naivety.

I live on my own but my eldest daughter stayed with me for first couple of days (both my daughters live close by me). She has also taken a couple of wks hol t b there for me. What this means is I have company when I need/want but.... I can have me time when I want too. So yesterday by 4pm I was prone in the conservatory reading my book with music in the background - here’s t celebrating the small things  

keep in touch jbains and keep well in mind and body x

take care 

Sandra x



Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

25 Sep 2017 09:02 in response to Sandra123

Thank you, Sandra. Yes the highs and lows are part of life and thankfully the lows pass! I felt the same as you after op - first thing I did the next morning was to check I could move my arm & was in shopping centre the next day. I am very thankful for daughters  - mine is soon to be 18 and was with me 90% of the time. Emotionally very important to have someone there during treatment. I now love being on my own for "me" time as well. Am going to attempt a temporary contract locally - last day of employment was Jan! Life does move on and being thankful for what we have is important. You take care and anytime pls message.xx

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

26 Sep 2017 15:49 in response to Sandra123

Blimey day 5 exercises not half crank it up:-/

Done them but lifting straight arms up above my head stopped me in my tracks t make sure I was reading them right... I was. 

Anywhose... I’m doing them nd t b fair once I got started I was ok nd I did wash nd dry my hair no bother after - but I for a moment I did think .... really!

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

26 Sep 2017 16:36 in response to Sandra123
It does get better, honestly

Breast lumpectomy and node removal op

26 Sep 2017 17:03 in response to rileyroo
Yes agree with rileyroo - it does get better.x