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breast lump painful and growing

7 Jan 2019 21:23

Just before Christmas i noticed a lump on the outter top area of my breast, which could only be felt if i was lying down on my side with my arm in the air ..

j immediately booked myself into the doctors, where i was told there was 100% a lump which the doctor said she was 95% sure was benign as it moved when she felt around & was painful for me when she was pressing down.


so fast forward to last week,

i recieved my scan appointment, 

but now the lump is bigger and can now be felt whilst sitting up (where as before could only be felt whilst lying down) it throbs some days and can be really painful.


so my question is, 

has anyone else had similar symptoms regarding a lump and had good news, rather than bad.


thankyou Happy


breast lump painful and growing

10 Jan 2019 13:50 in response to rebekah27

Welcome to Cancer Chat, rebekah27.

I'm sorry to hear that you found a lump in your breast and that it has left you, understandably, concerned.

The most important step you have already taken which is to have the lump checked and I'm glad that your doctor sounds rather positive about it.

Hopefully, other ladies who have been through a similar experience will come along to chat with you and offer support, until then feel free to reach out to others on the forum and join the conversation, everyone here is very friendly and I'm sure they'll be happy to chat with you.

Once you know more please come back and let us know what they doctor said. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you.

Best wishes,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator

breast lump painful and growing

11 Jan 2019 10:56 in response to Moderator Renata

Thankyou Renata for your reply, 

i’m keeping an open mind for my appointment on Wednesday Happy x

breast lump painful and growing

11 Jan 2019 11:30 in response to rebekah27

Hi rebekah i totally understand you worry im currently waiting on mt brest clinic appointment on monday absoltly petrified,  good luck and hope its nothing serious x

breast lump painful and growing

14 Jan 2019 09:43 in response to Jadeh1992

Just seen your reply Jade, thankyou Happy

good luck for today, please let me know how you got on x