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Breast lump and pain

16 Sep 2020 08:42

Hello, I don't know who to talk to right now without worrying someone so I feel really alone. I 29 with a 4yr old, I found a lump a few months back but due to the virus put it off, I'm now getting pain from the lump. I saw the dr Monday who felt it straight away and said I needed to be urgently referred I have a appointment Tuesday. She told me  I'm at higher risk due to having 4 rounds of ivf so the use of ivf horemone drugs as soon as you hear the C word nothing else she said went in. I literally can't switch off, I put this brave face on then I'm crying by myself, I'm not sleeping as I'm just overthinking everything. I feel really alone, is anyone else the same would you please share your story if you don't mind x

Breast lump and pain

16 Sep 2020 09:19 in response to Ange91

Hi Ange, I'm in the same boat, went to Dr in Feb with a swollen neck gland, pain in neck and breast, no lump, was referred then but because of Covid and no presence of a lump I was put on a waiting list, roll on two months ago and I find a lump but because I was already on the system I waited and waited. I rang them last Monday  because I had enough of waiting but they could do nothing except tell me to go back to my GP which I did. I'm waiting on an emergency appointment. I'm 39 with a 2 year old after 3 full rounds of IVF. Imagining the worst, praying for the best. X 

Breast lump and pain

21 Sep 2020 08:11 in response to kittykatg5

Hello,so sorry about the delay I've just seen this. I can't believe you still have to wait, have they given you a date yet? Keeping everything crossed it's all ok! It's such a worry isn't it, I just hate the not knowing x

Breast lump and pain

21 Sep 2020 18:16 in response to Ange91



In a similar situation. Found a lump on Thursday last week as checked boobs as they had been a little uncomfortable. Found a lump, pretty hard and doesn't seem to move. Also had 3 rounds of IVF (have a little girl from 1st round). Saw Dr today who has referred me to clinic. Cannot stop thinking about it. 


Breast lump and pain

22 Sep 2020 10:23 in response to cazmc82

Hi Caz, 


the not knowing is definitely the worse isn't it! I keep thinking it's in my head but I know the dr felt it. I've got my appointment today at 2 but I feel sick with nerves! Do you have a date for your appointment? Congratulations on your little girl x

Breast lump and pain

22 Sep 2020 10:26 in response to Ange91

Oh gosh, so much good luck for your appt today. Keeping everything crossed. No appt date yet and now in local lockdown so hoping that doesn't slow everything down. My little girl is 5.5 now and I can hardly believe it! 

Caz x

Breast lump and pain

22 Sep 2020 11:46 in response to Ange91


Hi Ange,

I just want to wish you well for your appointment today. We all feel the same at times like this - there are just so many unknowns flying around in your head.

You will probably have another anxious 1-2 weeks to wait before you know for certan.

Do please let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Breast lump and pain

22 Sep 2020 17:44 in response to cazmc82

Thank you, I've had an ultrasound I have a small cyst and swollen glands! Phew!!!! It's such a anxious time. Keep me posted on yours will keep everything crossed for you

Breast lump and pain

22 Sep 2020 17:45 in response to Jolamine

Thank you for your kind message. X