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Breast implant heavy

20 Apr 2019 22:00


can anyone help me with this please

I’m 51 and ive just had a mastectomy with immediate silicon reconstruction on my left breast after being diagnosed with high grade DCIS throughout the breast. I’ve still got my drains in which will hopefully be coming out in a few days but when I went to have my dressing changed with my breast care nurse I thought all the heaviness and the feeling solid was due to that. It was only then I realised it’s not. When the dressing came off it was just as solid and just as heavy.

is this normal? Is it going to feel like this forever because if so I’d like it removed. I’d rather be flat on one side than have this feeling of having an alien inside me. 

Any feedback would be appreciated 

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 13:44 in response to Kerry67

Welcome to Cancer Chat Kerry although I'm sorry for the reason you're with us.

Your breast cancer nurse should be able to tell you more about this so do be sure you speak with them when you can. 

@jessmarble ‍, @AWW ‍, @amandajane25 ‍ and @neleh ‍ are just some of our members who have had this done so hopefully they'll pop by when they can to share their advice and experiences and you may want to join in on this discussion about mastectomies and reconstruction as well.

I hope this helps Kerry and that the heavy, solid feeling disappears soon.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 14:06 in response to Moderator Steph

thank you’ve I’ve posted on the other feed too 

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 14:13 in response to Kerry67

Hi - I don't know if I can help, I think my reconstruction is a bit different to what you've had. I've had a tissue expander implant which I had about 8 sessions of it being filled gradually with saline so expanding my skin gradually. I'm now waiting to have it exchanged for a permanant silicone one. 

The implant I have at the moment is very hard and uncomforatble and lumpy - I feel like I have a bowling ball placed behind my skin. . My surgeon told me that the silicone will be much softer and a much rounder appearance - so I can't wait to get it done but i'm 'on a list' waiting.

I imagine once you have the drains taken out and the swelling goes down it will feel better, I'd say wait a while to make any decision while everything is 'settling down' and you're still getting used to it. Fingers crosed it will soften for you.

Love, Helen. xxx

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 14:18 in response to neleh

thank you neleh for your reply . Yes I think mine is different to yours I had an immediate silicone implant and a few people have said give it time I just wanted to hear it from ladies that had actually had it done. 


I hope you get your implant soon though 


Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 17:27 in response to Kerry67

Hi- I only had mine a week gone Wednesday and mine is still heavy but my friend had this 2 years ago and she’s assured me it does settle - she now actually prefers her implant 

I do hope you feel more comfort soon 


Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 17:35 in response to amandajane25

Hi amandajane25 


thank you you so much for that reply at least I know the heavy feeling is normal and that it eventually starts to feel like your own of some sort. I felt so unhappy last week when the dressing came off that I wanted it out immediately. I knew it would feel different I just hadn’t prepared myself for how different. 


I hope your path along this long road is a smooth one and thank you again for your comment I really appreciate it 



Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 18:03 in response to Kerry67

Yeah I’m sure it’s normal- I had to get mine drained on Thursday and it already needs drained again so that makes it extra heavy but I think we just need to give it time and it will settle - it’s hard I know but hopefully it gets easier


hope you’ve managed a nice weekend with some sun xx

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 18:19 in response to amandajane25

thanks for the reply amandajane25 I’ve still got drains in so that’s not a problem at the minute.

unfortunately I’ve spent the last few days back in hospital as I had severe pain around the drain site area and was worried about infection. Fortunately it’s not but they did find quite low sodium levels which concerned them more so they are investing at the minute as to why. I’ve had a chest X-ray and luckily the cancer hasn’t gone to my lungs as I know that can be a sign of lung cancer 

hopefully home either today or tomorrow 

kerry x 

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 18:24 in response to Kerry67

Ahhh never - I really hope you are home soon - I had to have my drains out early as they took suction off straight away coz it was really sore and tight- I just had a free drain after that for a few days but I wasn’t getting much out of it - soon as it came out though I seemed to swell up hence having to go back 

I know hospitals aint nice but at least you know you are in good hands and they can help you with any problems etc till you are better.

plus it’s hot outside and to be honest it’s not great weather to have following surgery when you are uncomfortable so just rest and get better xx

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 18:28 in response to amandajane25

thanks amandajane25 I know I’m in the best place but nothing better than your own bed oh and you don’t have to listen to all these dam machines bleeping because someone doesn’t understand they have to keep their arm fairly still in order for it to keep quiet

home soon hopefully

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 19:22 in response to Kerry67

Aww I do hope so 

take care xx

Breast implant heavy

22 Apr 2019 20:17 in response to amandajane25

thank you me too xx

Breast implant heavy

27 Apr 2019 21:03 in response to Kerry67

Hi Kerry, 

Just checking up on you, how are you getting on with the implant?


Breast implant heavy

27 Apr 2019 21:19 in response to AWW

hi AWW

Not great if I’m honest. I’ve still got a drain in nearly 3 weeks on which isn’t a problem really for me but the implant is very heavy and seems quite big but the main problem is I can feel the edges of the implant particularly under my arm which is rubbing on my skin and giving a burning sensation. I wasn’t sure to start with if it was an infection but it’s not it is the edge of the implant. 

I spoke to my breast nurse and she said I still have other options available to me like the diep construction if I wanted and to speak to my surgeon who I’m seeing on Wednesday. What I don’t want is to wait months if he asks me to think about it before I commit to another operation. I know now it’s not for me. Has anyone else found this with implants and gone for a different reconstruction after.