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Breast clinic referral what happens

31 Aug 2020 09:51

Hi ladies

I am wondering if I could ask a few questions I have had a issue with my breast for about a month have had 3 lots of antibiotics it's better but not right.i got my referral really quickly am going on wed and just wondering what happens at a breast clinic appointment my gp thinks it may be an abscess but I'm worried about cancer I lost my sister 2 years ago to cancer☹️So maybe I'm just being to sensitive 

also I have nipple piercings that I have had for years does anyone no if these have to be removed 

thanks Tina 

Breast clinic referral what happens

31 Aug 2020 10:42 in response to Buffy479

Hi Tina

Last July I was referred to the BC clinic, I liken it to when your car goes for an MOT!  You can see my full cancer gubbins in my profile and sorry can't help re piercings but would have thought they'd be able to work around them for mammo & ultrasound, they would need removing for MRI scan though I believe.


I was told to allow a full day for visit to BC clinic and it took a good proportion of the day.  Where I was seen was at a cancer clinic that was part of a larger 'normal' hospital that had a big waiting room where many other (mainly ladies) were also being seen for cancer related check-ups, results etc. So lots of comings & goings.

I recall we started with mammograms on both sides (though initial issue just seen in one) and when that showed lumps also had an ultrasound, a biopsy of the lump (with some local anaesthetic, didn't really cause much pain) and I think that was it for that day.  There was a fair amount of waiting about in gown.  After all the tests I had a meeting with a doctor who unofficially (as I had suspected anyway) told me that it was BC but had to wait for a formal diagnosis.  2 working days later I then had an MRI and got the formal results the following day so it was all quite quick in the scheme of things.


Do feel free to ask any other questions you may have.


I hope your hospital is as efficient as mine and that the tests go well for you.



Breast clinic referral what happens

13 Jan 2021 14:17 in response to Yorkshire_defector1


I'm not the original comment but I wanted to ask about the clinic. Do you thinks it would be typical for doctors to ultrasound test both breasts (especially since i'm under 20 so i don't think a mammogram will be used) despite the issue being found on one during the GP examination?

I was wondering just in case I missed something in my other breast.



Breast clinic referral what happens

13 Jan 2021 19:45 in response to youngcreative

Hello @youngcreative ‍ 

Re the ultrasound both sides I'd like to say yes as they are very keen to determine the extent of any breast cancer during these tests as far as they can, in order to get the treatment right.  That said they did ultrasound and biopsy both mine as mammogram showed cancer in both.  In my case they started from scratch so I don't think what the doctor did will detract from any checks you'll have at the breast clinic.

I'm not sure that age impacts likelihood of mammogram as its still breast tissue but as you're the young un you may know more than me on this!

Either way good luck with the tests and hope things happen in a speedy manner.  Ask away if any other queries.


Breast clinic referral what happens

13 Jan 2021 23:11 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Thank you!

I'm glad to hear they do both sides as it puts my potential worries at ease. And I think mammograms are less likely to be given to younger people but I'm not 100% sure. 


Thanks again Happy