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Breast clinic referel

11 Jul 2019 19:02

Hi guys new to the page

I went to the doctors monday with Puckering of right boob underneath I said I couldn't feel a lump but whilst he was checking his whole face n body language changed. He said he can feel a lump and hes urgently referring me to clinic. I've recieved letter my appointment is in Tuesday next week. I'm sick with worry I'm pretty much on a ledge with my day to day life already with a type 1 child a child with aspergers n third who's great. My husband has been amaizing hes shocked me with how great he is being to be honest. I'm wondering can the Puckering and lump n also slight swelling under armpit br something else and not cancer or do you think it's not looking good. Sorry for rant etc brain is going round in circles so many questions no one to ask.


Laur xxx

Breast clinic referel

11 Jul 2019 19:10 in response to Lozza1002

Sorry your going through this I don’t have any advice , I’m waiting on an appointment for breast screening as I have a small lump I’m terrified also. Good luck hun x 

Breast clinic referel

11 Jul 2019 19:48 in response to Lozza1002



im in similar situation. I went to the doctors of Monday as I had pain in my breasts and thought I could feel a lump. The go said she could feel quite a big lump and referred me to the one stop breast clinic. I’m going out my mind! I too have 3 children, one of which is autistic and I am just in complete overload. My appointment is next Thursday and it says it could take up to 4 hours!! I know there is lots of other things it could be but nothing anyone says helps me. Really hope it will be good news for you when you go xxxxx

Breast clinic referel

11 Jul 2019 20:03 in response to Robbo8790

Hi robbo8790


I hope your ok and get seen soon it's all the waiting that's stressing me out. Good luck to you too. 


Breast clinic referel

11 Jul 2019 20:09 in response to hayleyadv

I think I was in shock so didn't even ask where he felt the lump but his face changed as he had his hand under my armpit so I've had a feel and I can now feel lump there so now I'm panicking more thinking if it is the big C  has it spread to lymph nodes  and how will I tell the kids. I no i shouldn't be over thinking everything but you cany help it sometimes. I've had a lump in past but I was really chilled about whole thing, i think the fact i went in not knowing i had a lump which has thrown me good luck on your appointment thursday let me no how you get on xx