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Breast clinic appt next weds

18 May 2020 17:06

Hi all,

Just had a call from the breast clinic following my GP appt on Friday and been booked in for next Wednesday (27th May) at 9.10am. Scary! 

I'm pretty sure it's invasive ductal carcinoma. There's a central lump which is bumpy and has drawn the nipple in. The GP shook her head when I asked if it was benign and said it's too suspicious - the location, shape and effects are pretty classic. It's more a question of determining which stage it's at. The lump is around 4cms I think (give or take a cm, it's so hard to tell. It's big, anyway).

Of course I've been trying to convince myself that it could still be benign, and of course that would be great! But realistically it's unlikely. The GP couldn't find any lumps in my lymph nodes so fingers crossed it's just at stage 2.

Just posting as it's all I can think about, but I can't talk about it constantly! So writing about it helps a bit. The next couple of weeks will be a rollercoaster I'm sure!!

Good luck to everyone else who's waiting xx

Breast clinic appt next weds

20 May 2020 12:34 in response to Evie123

Hello Evie123,

I'm glad posting has helped a bit. I can understand that it's hard not to think about your symptoms, but you should try to take your mind off of this occassionally as it can impact on your mental health and, as you say, it could still be benign. Mindfulness can help you do this.

All the best for your appointment next week,

Moderator Anastasia

Breast clinic appt next weds

20 May 2020 16:28 in response to Moderator Anastasia

Thank you Anastasia. 

It's unlikely to be benign, the GP was certain and it seems like classic IDC, really the question now is what stage it's at. If it's stage 2 the outlook is still good and I'm fine with having a lumpectomy/mastectomy, so fingers crossed it hasn't spread.

I've had far worse news today. One of my two beloved pet ducks has broken hips from arthritis and there's nothing the vet can do. I've got 2 days to give her some last cuddles before she's put down and I'm utterly devastated

Breast clinic appt next weds

20 May 2020 17:05 in response to Evie123

I'm sorry to hear about this Evie123, I hope some of the coping mechanisms for losing a pet here will help.

Take care,

Moderator Anastasia

Breast clinic appt next weds

20 May 2020 17:54 in response to Moderator Anastasia

That looks really helpful, thank you.

I'm nowhere near as bothered about losing my breast(s) as I am about Pumpkin. Sorry the pic doesn't display too well. My beautiful brave little girl x

Breast clinic appt next weds

20 May 2020 17:59 in response to Evie123

Breast clinic appt next weds

20 May 2020 18:10 in response to Evie123

Breast clinic appt next weds

20 May 2020 22:10 in response to Evie123

Hi again @Evie123 ‍ 

I sent you a friend request after reading your other thread.

I hope your little darling bird is a comfort to you, animals are amazing.

I sent you a friend request, in the other thread I said if you want a chat to send me a request, but I sent you one, hope you don't mind.

Breast clinic appt next weds

21 May 2020 10:18 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Thank you, I've accepted the request. I didn't do much posting yesterday, I mainly just cried. We're worried about our other duck, Daisy. She's never been apart from Pumpkin and they're so close. We're hoping to find her a new companion.

The breast cancer thing isn't great, but this has broken me.

Breast clinic appt next weds

21 May 2020 19:43 in response to Evie123

Massive hugs to you, hope you find another companion for Daisy and hope Pumpkin is well.

Sad to hear you have been crying, birds and animals are lovely.

Breast clinic appt next weds

22 May 2020 19:56 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Hi hun, thank you for the hugs.

We said goodbye to Pumpkin this morning. It was heartbreaking but she passed really peacefully and calmly and we take some comfort in that. We gave her a very happy life and had four beautiful years with her so we're trying to be grateful for that, although we'll miss her dearly.

We're picking up a new companion for Daisy tomorrow,  a week old Appleyard duckling. Pumpkin was very sweet and nurturing and would have loved a new baby, whereas Daisy is a bit more feisty! So we're going to keep them a bit separate at first. But it should at least be a distraction and some company for her xxx

Breast clinic appt next weds

22 May 2020 21:15 in response to Evie123

You are welcome.

I heard in your other post Pumpkin went, I am really sorry to hear that.

Try to focus on the happy memories. Glad you have a new companion for Dasy tomorrow, a lovely little duckling.

Yeah Daisy might be lonely, I know you need to keep dogs and cats separate when they are new to each other, maybe there is some information online which will help you introduce Daisy to the new duckling with minimal stress. Good luck. 

Breast clinic appt next weds

22 May 2020 22:12 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Thanks, we're going to supervise them at first and we're putting a chicken wire barrier between them at night, so they can be close and get to know each other without Daisy being able to bully the new baby! I'm sure they'll bond in a few days xxx

Breast clinic appt next weds

23 May 2020 01:14 in response to Evie123

@Evie123 ‍ 

Sounds like a good plan x

Breast clinic appt next weds

27 May 2020 09:04 in response to Evie123

Good luck in your appointment today Evie. I'm thinking of you x