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Breast cancer diagnosis without biopsy results

8 Aug 2021 10:31

Recently , I found a hard fixed lump in my left breast, and was referred to a breast care centre for investigation. I had a mammogram,/a 3D mammogram, /a very thorough examination by an ANP,/an ultrasound and an ultrsound guided core biopsy where I bled for England!

After a short wait, I was asked to get dressed and wait in a room with a sofa,an easy chair, a coffee table on which resided a box of tissues! Anyone who's had anything to do with the NHS will recognise this as the room where all the (bad)news is given so I knew what was coming 

I was given the news by the lovely ANP then left with the Macmillan Nurse to ask any further questions. I asked why they were so sure it was cancer. She explained about the three stages, imaging examination and biopsy to confirm . Am now waiting to go back for full results and planning future treatment. Have been assured that it is small and in early stages with no lymph involvement so that's a bonus. 
i still feel it's not happening to me .

would be interested to hear how other women feel at this stage.

Is it fair to state a person has cancer without absolute proof.?

Does it make the final confirmation of cancer easier to hear.?




Breast cancer diagnosis without biopsy results

8 Aug 2021 10:41 in response to Joolb

Hello there,

The biopsy is definite proof that the tumour is cancerous. It will now be sent off to be tested which kind of cancer it is hormone driven or not....those results will depend on your treatment options. 

Getting a cancer prognosis is totally mind blowing isn't it. It's good news there's no lymph node action ( the gateway into the rest of the body) As the tumour is small they may suggest surgery first...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you....


Take a deep breath....count to 10.... and put your trust in our marvellous got this xx

Breast cancer diagnosis without biopsy results

8 Aug 2021 11:01 in response to Marlyn

Thank you so much for your reply. 
i am an NHS Nurse with 42 years and  counting !

25 of those were in Paediatric cancer and blood disorders so am used to dealing with serious discussions about life limiting conditions.

As soon as I felt the lump I knew it wasn't good so was partially prepared.

I feel very positive but apprehensive at the same time 

Breast cancer diagnosis without biopsy results

8 Aug 2021 14:37 in response to Joolb

Wow, 42 years in nursing, it's a fine line isn't....I met a lady who was going through BC the same time as me, she was a nurse and often used to say she wish she didn't know so much! Sometimes ignorance is bliss I suppose.

Are you getting treated in the hospital you work in? 

im often amazed at how quickly time has flown, I never thought I'd get through it all...but here I am, and it will be the same for you ❤️ 


Breast cancer diagnosis without biopsy results

8 Aug 2021 15:53 in response to Joolb


Sorry to hear about your possible diagnosis.

I was under the impression the biopsy was the only certain way to diagnose. I had a bit of the opposite experince to you. I was told 3 times my breast lump was benign and a fibroadenoma, once by a GP and twice at ultrasound. I had two ultrasounds and was sent away after the first and told I did not need a biopsy as it was nothing to worry about but then called back for another ultradsound and biopsy and again told it was nothing. The biopsy unfortunately showed it was cancerous. So from my experince I felt the biopsy was essential in diagnosing. 

An MRI scan showed i had a second lump and i was again told it was likely nothing but the biopsy showed it was cancer. A CT scan did show i had another third lump near my chest which they suspected was cancer but then the biopsy showed it wasn't. So for me personally the biopsy seemed essential and I tended not to trust anything until I had one. 

I am aware though everyone is different but i'm not sure why they would diagnose without a biopsy unless they saw something specific. I do think it's unfair to diagnose before a biopsy but i guess for some it may make hearing the news a little easier. It's never nice to hear the news but a nurse usually stays with you for any questions.

Hope all goes well for you. 

Breast cancer diagnosis without biopsy results

8 Aug 2021 16:31 in response to rmscj


Hi Joolb,

I  have had 2 bouts of breast cancer 11 and 12 years ago respectively. I have also had a few scares. On three occasions I was told by the consultant at my first visit that he was pretty certain that it was cancer. Fortunately, following biopsy only two of these were cancerous. 

Our care teams deal with cancer day and daily and can possibly almost smell it at twenty paces, but they are not always right. I expect that they feel that advance warning of the possibility gives us time to come to terms with the diagnosis, as it always comes as a shock.

I sincerely hope that you don't have too long to wait. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx