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Breast cancer at 17

17 Oct 2019 21:50

I am 17 years old and have recently been experiencing aches and discomfort in my chest and armpit however it is mostly on and off, and when I am on my period. I currently have no lumps in my breasts however have a few tiny(about 1mm) lumps in my armpits which are slightly painful and uncomfortable. I am however not concerned about the Lumps as I commonly get boils and cysts: what has worried me is the pain along with some puckering in my armpit when I lift my arm there is a somewhat indent( about 1cm long). I am extremely worried and have no idea why I would have this sort of puckering skin. I have felt and I cannot feel any lumps underneath. Has anyone experienced anything similar. I could really do with some help. Thank you ☺️

Breast cancer at 17

18 Oct 2019 00:25 in response to Obates16

Hello!!  I had something similar at 20 I found a lump in my breast and in my armpit and I was in alot of pain, feeling sick ect.. I know how anxious it can make you especially when it's your breasts and cancer is so common! Mine only ended up to be lumps of fat and went away after a couple of months. Always go to your doctor if your worried if they think you need a scan tbey will send you for one. Google is no good for your symptoms cause 9/10 times it's something serious when it's not. Hope this helps Happy