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Breast cancer

25 Aug 2019 09:10

Hello, in new to this page.     Hi im 38 years old, i have 2 children. Daughter 14 and my son 8. Recently been diagnosed with stage 2/3 breast cancer, possibly 4 if the test result comes back positive. Its already spread in my lymph nodes. Ive been told by my consultant i will have to have chemo first (lump is 3cm), surgery, radiotherapy and hormone treatment. Plus whatever else he decides. Ive had my bone scan, and ct/pet scans done beginning of last week, and still waiting for results. The waiting is the hardest. Ive still not got my head around it, probably wont till i know when its all happening. Totally petrified of losing my hair. I joke and laugh it off every day, which my family dont understand. My way of coping, i suppose. Not looking forward to the chemo and the side effects. Theres no cancer in my family. So just a case of bad luck-apparently. Had doctors friday, my results were in but my doctor said she couldnt tell me, better to speak to my consultant and he can explain things better! Now my mind is going in overdrive. What do i do? Any advice on anything?

Breast cancer

25 Aug 2019 10:17 in response to Dawn-j

Hi there dawn...

So sorry you've had to join our groop of breast lasses ... but it's a great place to vent .. ask questions .. and most importantly know your not alone ... 

There are lots of us on here .. and one lass found out she was expecting as her treatment ended and just had a georgious little boy ... so always keep positive stories in your mind ..

Yes it's like the scariest rollercoaster you've ever been on ... but look around wer all on there with you ...l had a grade 3 and masectomy in July 2017 ... and I think the scariest time is where you are now... the wait .. the unknown .. but get all those feelings out ... scream / cry and cuss at cancer ... but you know cancer wants us to lay down , give up , and not fight .. so once you get feelings out , you get yourself some vertual pink boxing gloves on and join us all in the ring ready to kick it's ass.... 

There's a lass on here who's been through what you may come across .. @Marlyn  ... she's amazing and an inspiration to lots on here .. I'm sure if she picks this up, she'll pop by ...

Sending you a vertual hug.... Chrissie ❤ 

Breast cancer

25 Aug 2019 10:59 in response to Dawn-j


welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. My situation is similar to yours, grade 3 bc, my lump is a lot larger than yours. In my lymph nodes but not anywhere else. I am 43 with two boys ages 7 and 10.  My treatment plan is chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy, then hormone treatment. 

Its terrifying isn’t it going through all the scans and tests and not knowing what they are going to say. I can say it does get easier once you know everything and your treatment plan is in place. 

I have just had cycle 5 of 6 chemo cycles so when you are ready I can share my experiences. It’s totally doable. At my last oncology appt they couldn’t find the lump so I need to have another scan to see it’s size, I share that because it shows that the chemo is working. 

Hair loss , I would suggest getting a wig appointment if that’s the route you think you will go and they can match it to your current hair.  I had my head shaved as I didn’t want to see it fall out, and got a human hair wig made as my boys didn’t want me to look different.

If you have any questions please ask away, let us know how you get on with your plan.