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Breast Biopsy.

23 Aug 2019 17:26

Hello everyone.



a week ago I went to my GP due to discharge from my right breast, she referred me to the breast clinic the dr then referred me for a scan (ultrasound) after feeling something, they could see something so done a biopsy and said I would find the results out in a week, I got a phone call this morning say they want me to come in next week. Good or bad thing? Has anyone had this and it not be anything serious! I’m so scared. Thanks (I’m 22 with two kids)

Breast Biopsy.

23 Aug 2019 18:36 in response to JusttooYoung

Hi, firstly I am impressed with the swiftness of everything. It's so scary finding a lump isn't it? 

Different health care providers have different protocols, try not to overthink it.....I have everything crossed for a positive outcome, pop back and let us know how you get on? X