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Brain tumour ‘ownership instructions’

20 Oct 2019 23:04

Hi, December the 20th last year, the surgery doctor told my wife and I, that I had a brain tumour. Well to be exact he said ‘So, martin you have brain cancer’, got to say I’ve had better christmas gifts over the years.

I had to wait three months before more MRI scans in March this year and then the head of nerosurgery (ohh get me having the boss do it) operated in April and removed as much of ‘Cyril’ he’s my tumour if you were wondering, out of my in a 5 1/2 hour bit of surgery. I belief they used a Black & Decker drill and a melon baller, but I could be wrong as I’m not a surgeon by trade.

Since then, I’ve had six weeks of radiotherapy with revolting chemo tablets and I’m now on chemo tablets for six cycles, although I’m thinking of calling a hault to this bit, as it costs the NHS a lot of money and makes me feel awful for several days during and after each five day treatment.

I have stage four terminal brain cancer, its not cureable they are just keeping whats left of Cyril at bay for as long as they can, its pretty crappy but its whats happening so I just get on with it. I started writing about it on facebook last december, anyone can see it, sadly because of rules on words on here I can only say its called ‘Cyril the bum hole’ its actually arse and then hole, but I think the words maybe blanked.

if you get to read it, I hope it helps you and makes you laugh as that was my intention, my mantra for this is, every day I’m above ground, I can breath and smile is a good day, if I can remember peoples names its an even better one.

Don’t try and fight it as thats impossible, accept it, life each day as best you can and smile. Remember no one gets out of life alife, so enjoy every second you have.


cheers martin

Brain tumour ‘ownership instructions’

20 Oct 2019 23:58 in response to martinandcyril

Hi there ...

I'm  speechless,,  which doesn't happen often ... all I can say is your an inspiration and I take my hat off to your wonderful attitude... well I would if I had one ..  ; ))  long may you live and more important laugh .. Chrissie x


Brain tumour ‘ownership instructions’

21 Oct 2019 07:22 in response to martinandcyril

Hey Martin...I follow your Facebook blog, and I am a fan of dark humour and your whole attitude to this. Only thing I couldn’t handle so well was you flying through the air on that zip wire thing! 

I hope you have much longer with your wife and girls and continue to inspire people every day xx.