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Bowl cancer symptoms? Going insane

3 Jan 2018 22:55

Hello, I'm a 23 year old male, overweight and have a job where I'm sitting down all day, so maybe hemmorhoids? Anyways since October I've been finding on and off blood on my stools, usually on the surface and bright red, on occasions the blood seems to be almost soaked into the surface of the stool, I've been finding that I've been getting stomach aches too that are relieved by going to the toilet and on multiple I've had extreme cramps in my stomach while actually passing stool, I'm going insane and think it's colon cancer for sure, I had really bad anxiety and I think this is making my stomach issues even worse, can someone help? I'm gonna ring the doctor tomorrow and go and get checked out and see what he says, should I push for a colonoscopy or not? Do these symptoms sound like bowl cancer?

Re: Bowl cancer symptoms? Going insane

3 Jan 2018 23:06 in response to Ljohno

Hi there Ljohno.  Sorry you are so worried but you are doing the right thing by planning to ring your GP as s/he is the only person who can do the necessary to diagnose what is causing your problems and the chances are it is something that can be remedied without too much grief.  We who post on this forum have no medical training and it would be wrong (and pointless) for us to try to guess what is causing the issues you describe.  Heaven knows I have been to my doctor on occasion convinced I knew what was causing my problem only to learn it was nothing of the sort.  Why do we always think the worst?    Your doctor may want to run a few tests - not because s/he thinks you are seriously ill but because it is good practice to check everything so s/he is certain of what he is telling you.   So try to get a good nights sleep and, only if you wish, tell us how your GP appointment went.  Best wishes.

Re: Bowl cancer symptoms? Going insane

3 Jan 2018 23:19 in response to Annieliz

Thank you for the reply, I just needed to vent somewhere because all of this stuff is swirling around in my head it doesn't help that I have anxiety and PTSD and I recently lost my grandad to cancer, I hope everything is okay with me though I'm terrified of the though of it I think I've been googling to much and scared myself even more it's just everywhere says hemmorhoids should've long healed by now..

Re: Bowl cancer symptoms? Going insane

3 Jan 2018 23:31 in response to Ljohno

Oh dear, you are having a rough time of it.  You can do without adding worries to what is already on your plate so get yourself checked out and the problem resolved. No use guessing.    We all learn the hard way that googling symptoms is not a good idea; too easy to imagine yourself seriously ill with every diease which you read about.  I do hope you get this out of the way without too much bother and I hope that you are getting help with your stress/anxiety issues.  Look after yourself.

Re: Bowl cancer symptoms? Going insane

4 Jan 2018 00:18 in response to Ljohno

Hi Ljohno

Please bear in mind that I'm not a doctor.

Statistically, the chance of someone getting bowel cancer at age 23 is very very very slight. I first started having symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) at around your age (I'm now 63) and many of your symptoms seem similar to mine, particularly the cramping pains and stomach aches.  The blood is unusual, but might be caused by something simple like bleeding piles - your doctor should check for this. If it is irritable bowel, then it can be controlled but not cured, but it's not going to kill you (although sometimes you wish it would Wink

You are definitely doing the right thing seeing the doctor. It's the first step in getting yourself sorted. 


Re: Bowl cancer symptoms? Going insane

4 Jan 2018 13:21 in response to Ljohno


I hope you get to see your GP soon as no-one on here is qualified to give you a diagnosis.
There are a dozen or more things which could cause your symptoms - piles, an anal fissure, colitis etc. cancer is a pretty remote possibility given your age and lack of symptoms other than blood on your stools and abdominal pain. As a long-time colitis patient, I do know that anxiety can trigger colitis - the more you worry the worse it feels. This isn't psychological, it is a physical reaction to stress and anxiety. 

If you haven't seen your GP yet - ring them now and don't be put off by media hysteria about how busy the NHS is. The sooner you get diagnosed the sooner you can receive the correct treatment.

Good luck!