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Borderline changes and hpv infection

19 Mar 2018 19:25

Hi, I have received my smear test results and they have came back with borderline changes and hpv infection. The results have made me ill, I’ve got a colposcopy booked for the 25th April but seems along time to wait, I have also had some spotting with is worrying me even more, has anyone gone through this xx

Borderline changes and hpv infection

20 Mar 2018 15:16 in response to Looby1234


Borderline results do not mean borderline cancerous, I know results that aren't normal are scary but please try not to fret. Borderline results are very nearly normal, some trusts are just being over cautious with high risk HPV. They won't be concerned that you have cancer now, but they will be concerned about the possibility of your cells changing into CIN and then perhaps cancer (although it seldom gets that far nowadays).

At your colposcopy they will likely examine you and have you come back in another 6-12 months for a smear. If the colposcope shows the abnormal cells up (may not be the case with borderline) they will take a biopsy to confirm the extent of abnormality. I think if lower than CIN 1 they come back clear. 

Abnormal cells take 10-15 years to turn into cancer they say (most don't at all). You have caught yours at the very earliest stage and if they worsen they can be removed to prevent cancer. Borderline abnormalities often return back to normal by themselves. X

Borderline changes and hpv infection

20 Mar 2018 18:14 in response to EmmerLooeez
Thanks for the advice, I’m trying not to fret, but had a tiny bit of spotting yesterday and a tiny bit today, so it has brought the stress back on xx

Borderline changes and hpv infection

18 May 2018 11:55 in response to Looby1234
Hi my results came back very same on 5th March this year and iv been terrified ever since , but my colposcopy appointment was yesterday and there was no sign of cancer with cells , as were only cin1 but I had to have a biopsy done anyways , I have lot of white cyst like lumps but was told they did not cause the abnormal smear , so now I wait 3/4 weeks for results of biopsy but that I can live with as I'm sure was only done as a precaution when smear showed abnormalities . I hope this helps you xx

Borderline changes and hpv infection

12 Sep 2019 14:54 in response to Gerk

hi I got question where you awake when  you had biopsy did use local anaesthetic because reason asking because my partner can’t have general anaesthetic because don’t miss in her illness since be awake since got infection in her cervix thanks.