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Blood tests at pre op

6 Jan 2019 11:50

Hello, I ought to have asked this at my pre op for a lumpectomy, but my mind was in a whirlwind. The nurse took 3 blood samples...what would these be tested for?

Thanks in advance 


Blood tests at pre op

7 Jan 2019 12:44 in response to Marlyn

Hi Marlyn,  

Thanks for posting.

Blood is usually taken pre-operatively to assess a few things. The main one in most cases is any sign of infection within the blood and the level of oxygen carrying cells. They may have also checked the levels of urea and electrolytes in the blood which could highlight any problems with the kidneys.

Before an operation the surgeons like to know how thick or thin the blood is, so a clotting screen may also have been done. Have a look at this page, it explains a little about what blood is tested for, the ones I think you might of had would be a full blood count, a c-reactive protein, an electrolyte test and a coagulation test.

When blood is taken before an operation they are just checking to make sure that everything is within the normal range to ensure that the operation is safe to go ahead. From looking at your posts it looks like you have already had your lumpectomy so I do hope this went well and you are feeling better.

I hope this has been helpful.

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Blood tests at pre op

7 Jan 2019 12:52 in response to CRUK Nurse Abi

Thank you so much for the reply. Feeling much better now, have an appointment on the 16th to find out my treatment plan....xx