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Blood cancer worries.

13 Oct 2019 21:01

hi. Wondering if anyone can help me. My partner hurt his arm in work and was send for an MRI scan. His test showed up a thing called bone marrow reconversion- where his marrow had turned red ( this is usually due to hemalogical stress said his doctor). He was referred for blood tests, which came back clear, they tested his esr and calcium which all came back clear and then sent him for an abdomial scan as apparently a sign of blood cancer can be an enlarged spleen, this came back clear also, but it was picked up he has somthing going on with his liver. He hate another complete blood test done which came back clear, and a liver test which is all clear but now has an appt with a hematology doctor on 31st October. I am so scared something is going on. Has anyone ever had a blood cancer and tests came back all clear? Any ideas what to expect at this first appointment. We are worried sick and it a beginning to effect our daily lives with worry. He is only 35 


thankyou for any help x

Blood cancer worries.

13 Oct 2019 21:59 in response to stephx

hi, steph

my dad was diagnosed with leukaemia a few weeks ago. the first appointment is pretty much just a consultation, and before any treatment occurs your partner will have to have some scans to determine what kind of cancer it is or if there is anything wrong. you get given choices for which treatment you want, and youll most likely be offered a clinical trial, but dont worry all of the drugs involved in the trial are tested and have been shown to be effective in controlling the cancer. hopefully the clear scans really are clear! i hope it goes well for you xx

Blood cancer worries.

14 Oct 2019 11:40 in response to ines

Thankyou so much for your reply. I hope your dad is well now. I am hoping the scans and clear blood work are a good sign, but he has lost a lot of weight (around 3 stone) in a year so this is scary in itself. We got an appt within 5 weeks so hoping if they thought something was seriously wrong it would be sooner? X