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Blood cancer and knee pain

26 Jun 2019 16:00

A dear friend has been diagnosed with blood cancer and has excruciating pain in his knee. The doctor has given him cocodamol, but he is still in a lot of pain. They said that they cannot give him a steroid injection because he might get an infection that will interfere with his chemo. He is now using a walking stick, a knee brace and ibuprofen gel, but to no avail. Has anyone had experience of TENS as a pain relief? 


Blood cancer and knee pain

27 Jun 2019 15:10 in response to Biopup

Hello and thanks for posting,

I am sorry to hear about your friend and that he is in a lot of pain.

It sounds like this pain is really interfering with his life especially as nothing seems to be able of offer an relief. I understand that you are asking other people what their experience is using a TENS machine for pain. As you have posted in the ask the nurses section of cancer chat, you might also want to think about posting this question on a different thread as well.

TENS machines uses small electrical currents to nerves in the body through pads placed on the skin. It is thought that these electrical pulses can block pain signals. There have been some small studies looking at TENS and pain relief but more research is needed before we have enough evidence about it's effectiveness in managing pain.

From my experience I have known some patients to have pain relief from using a TENS machine, and others less so.  It is generally safe to use  so may well be worth your friend exploring this further with his doctor. The doctor may also refer your friend to a pain management clinic or physiotherapist to try to get on top of this pain.

I hope this is of some use to you. Please get back in touch if you have more questions or if you would like to talk to a nurse please call on 0808 800 4040, we are here Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm.

Take care,