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Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

13 Oct 2021 19:01

Hi everyone,

My 1st post here after my partner has just been diagnosed with colon cancer. Firstly, thank you to everyone who posts & replies on here - you've been a huge source of comfort & information since the start of our journey here. 
I'm a little worried about my partner - she was diagnosed with colon cancer after experiencing blood in her stools - she had a colonoscopy which revealed a tumour. The hospital and doctors have been amazing and she's now booked in for a resection in two weeks time.

in the meantime though - she's having quite large losses of blood from her bottom - large clots of blood - sometimes with bowel movements and sometimes just appearing on their own in her underwear. We feel positive knowing she's going for her surgery in 2 weeks but it's quite worrying waiting till then - is this normal? Does this mean it's getting worse? Any advice or experience appreciated!

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

13 Oct 2021 21:10 in response to HelloPan

I'm so sorry to hear of your partners diagnosis it's amazing she has a wonderful and supportive osrther in yourself and I'm sure that's invaluable to her at this time, so keep on doing what you're doing. 
I have nothing to offer regarding her bleeding but if you're concerned please do get into contact with your cancer nurse or specialist regarding this, 

I really wish you both all the best Charl x

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

13 Oct 2021 21:40 in response to Charlottechloe

Thanks so much Charlotte, your posts have actually been ones I've been reading & taking comfort from - it's just good to read other people's experiences who are going through the same thing; especially when everything is so new. I hope all is going ok with you and sending lots of love & thanks for sharing your posts. 

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

13 Oct 2021 23:53 in response to HelloPan

I passed a lot of blood when I was diagnosed and it just got worse after I started chemo! Hope that helps x

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

14 Oct 2021 11:57 in response to HelloPan

Hi Hellopan and thanks for posting, 

I am sorry to learn about your partner and can appreciate that waiting for surgery is a worrying time.  

I think a bit of bleeding is to be expected as tumours can bleed and this isn't a new thing for your partner, but I appreciate it can be difficult to gauge how much blood is too much blood. Perhaps it would be helpful for your partner to compare it to the quantity of blood lost in a period to get a feel for the amount lost. I think if it is more than that she should let someone know, but even if it isn't, it would be a good idea to get some advice from the specialist team involved in her care as they know her.  If need be, blood tests can be done to check that any bleeding isn't enough to cause anaemia.

It goes without saying that if the blood is really pouring out continously , then your partner should get urgent medical advice for example calling the NHS 111 number or even going to A&E.

I expect your partner has a specialist bowel cancer nurse at the hospital and if so do contact them as well about this and see what they say (you usually have to leave a message and they get back to you - don't be put off by this). Or talk to the GP and get their input.  

I don't think the bleeding means the cancer is getting significantly worse although it could be growing a little bit.  

I hope your partner can speak to someone and that surgery goes well. 

Best wishes,


Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

14 Oct 2021 13:00 in response to HelloPan

I'm so glad to hear it, please do keep us all updated on your partners progress with the help and support of yourself and her doctors and nurses im sure her symptoms will be under control and she'll start to improve once her treatment plan has started. 
my father also had bowel cancer and no symptoms but was stage 3 he survived and beat cancer three years post diagnosis now and waiting a stoma reversal. 
depending on her cancer she may need a temporary or permanent stoma they take some getting used to but actually my dad said it was quite convenient to have one, still he is looking forward to getting it reversed x

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

14 Oct 2021 22:33 in response to CRUK Nurse Julia

Thank you so so much Julia, this really put our mind at rest today. It is comparable to menstrual loss and put that way it doesn't seem as terrible. I think the strangest thing is that it seems to be happening now that she's been officially diagnosed and is having talks about her treatment - it's almost like the tumour knows it's been discovered and is playing up Happy I also wonder if the small amount they snipped off for the biopsy has agitated it somehow and is causing the bleeding. thanks so much for your reply and will speak to the nurses about it if it worries us again before her next appointment. 

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

14 Oct 2021 22:45 in response to Charlottechloe

Thank you CharlotteChloe - so pleased to hear about your father's recovery! Yes she's been told she'll have a temporary stoma which is obviously going to be a big change but so thankful for it also - giving her colon some time off to rest and heal! 
It's all moved very quickly - her 1st colonoscopy was 3 weeks ago - diagnosed a week later - the week after that an appointment to go through her surgery plans and in less than 2 weeks she'll be going in for her resection. Pretty much a month from colonoscopy to removal! The speed of it all is overwhelming but also feel so very lucky and grateful that she's being cared for so quickly. Sending you and your dad lots of love and best wishes for his reversal!

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

14 Oct 2021 22:48 in response to Sophie1997

Thank you so much for your reply Sophie! Obviously not good to hear about your blood loss but comforting to know this happens so thank you, very much appreciated! Sending lots of love!

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

15 Oct 2021 10:54 in response to HelloPan

Yes they move very very quickly. May I ask how old your partner is and what lead to her being diagnosed? 
The road is long after surgery but I'm sure she'll make a full recovery just like my dad did eventually x

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

15 Oct 2021 11:23 in response to Charlottechloe

Thank you! Yes she's 42 and she's always had problems with her digestion, sluggish & bloating etc. it was getting worse & then she started noticing mucus in her stools and then blood. She went to see her GP who, because of her age, thought it might just be haemorrhoids but - and forever thankful to the GP for this! - to be on the safe side she sent her for a colonoscopy and stool samples.   

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

15 Oct 2021 18:10 in response to HelloPan

It looks like it was caught early and she is likely to make a good recovery, just be prepared for a rough few months after the surgery and while she adjusts to her new stoma if she does end up needing one. 
she may need help with her personal care, changing her stoma and help with meals etc, she may be weak after surgery, sometimes the Bowel can go to sleep I think it's called an illius for a short while after surgery. If she does end up with a stoma she will have her own dedicated stoma nurse. 
My father had a few complications with his stoma his vowel became twisted and he had no stoma output, so please do look out for that he ended in back in hospital for two weeks. 
your partner may lose weight I think that's inevitable but she will put it back on once she starts to feel better. 
simple things like keeping her moral up will be so important in the coming weeks and after surgery, take her out in the car for short rides etc. 
help her to keep looking her best if she doesn't feel up to it by helping with personal care, this will make her feel much better. 
On the other hand she may breeze through surgery abs be absolutely fine, her surgeon and oncologist will tell you all about this at your hect visit and what can and can't happen my inbox is always open x

Bleeding after Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

20 Oct 2021 21:26 in response to Charlottechloe

Charlotte, thank you so much for your advice! I'll definitely make sure to keep all those things in mind and try help in any way I can after the surgery. We saw the stoma nurse today who talked us through everything, I know it will still be a steep learning curve but she was excellent at giving us the first basic understanding of what it will entail. Thanks so much again, your advice has been a huge help and comfort.