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Biopsy results for breast cancer

8 Aug 2017 23:01

I have had a scan found a large marble size lump been told it looks smooth and rounded like it was more off a positive thing to be like that was wondering if anyone else was told this and still turned out to be cancer I've had biopsy done and having to wait two weeks for results and iam stressing so bad about it 

Re: Biopsy results for breast cancer

9 Aug 2017 00:01 in response to Cj82


I was diagonosed with DCIS in Feb this year.

However two years ago i started to gey cysts.When i had my scan at the time i remember the doctor saying they were very smooth edged and fluid filled.He did a fine needle biopsy and aspiration and they were nothing to worry about.

I also had a fibrodenoma which was a smooth hard marble shaped lump and again no concern.

Try not to worry, it is difficult not to but there are so many changes which occur in our breasts.

Please let me know how you get on.



Re: Biopsy results for breast cancer

9 Aug 2017 21:35 in response to Cj82


Hi ,

Welcome to the forum. Although the results of your scan sound good, you cannot be sure that there is no cancer until you get the result of your biopsy. You are going through an anxious wait for the results of your biopsy now.

As far as your stressing is concerned. We nearly all do it. None of us can relax until we now exactly what we are dealing with and two weeks feels like forever. Are you very tearful too? Again, this is perfectly normal. If you find yourself crying for no obvious reason just let the tears flow. This is a great release valve.

I know that it is difficult to take your mind off your results but do try to distract yourself by keeping yourself busy with pleasenter pastimes.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. We are always here whenever you want to talk.

I hope that your biopsy results are good too.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Re: Biopsy results for breast cancer

12 Aug 2017 22:36 in response to Jolamine

Thankyou no tears feel like all I want to do is cry just haven't done it but sure once I get my results on wed I will have a few good or bad results I be just glad to know what's happening being left in limbo is hard feel for everyone going through the waiting game it's torture 

Re: Biopsy results for breast cancer

12 Aug 2017 22:38 in response to Glitters

Thankyou I receive results on wed 16th keeping fingers crossed x

Re: Biopsy results for breast cancer

12 Aug 2017 23:10 in response to Cj82


Hi CJ82,

I hope that all goes well on Wednesday. Tears may well fall then, whichever way the results fall. This is usually because the stress of waiting will be over.

Stay strong - not that long to go now.


Jolamine xx

Re: Biopsy results for breast cancer

12 Aug 2017 23:42 in response to Cj82

I will be thinking of you. Try not to think about it until Wednesday.Keep yourself busy.

Please take somebody with you for support.

I got bad results and just burst into tears.My mum was with me .Although she was also upset she managed to stay focused and take in all the information we were given.

I felt like i was looking down on someone else.

But i have got through it and so will you.