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Biopsy results

9 Feb 2018 10:13

My wife has carcinoid cancer of her right lung, we are waiting for biopsy results, we have to wait nearly 2 weeks, why do they take so long, it’s awful waiting, we just cry all the time, if results are good she then has to have an op to remove half the lung, I’m just lost in a horrible life now 

Re: Biopsy results

9 Feb 2018 16:15 in response to Hyacinth01

Hello Hyacinth01


What a difficult time you and your wife are going through.  It is so hard waiting for results and I am sure that many of the other members of the community know just what it’s like to go through what you are going through now.

There are a number of reasons why it can take a little while for biopsy results to come back.  Sometimes it comes down quite simply to work load in the laboratories that examine the samples.  But in other situations, there can be delays because a specialist pathologist needs to see the samples. 

Although two weeks feels interminable when you are waiting for results, it is not likely to make any difference to the outcome of treatment , and it is important to make sure the pathology is done properly to make sure the right treatment is recommended.

Although things must seem overwhelming at the moment people do get through the type of surgery your wife may need to have, so there is hope.  I wonder if it might be helpful to ask your GP if there is any help or support they can suggest to help you both get through the next few weeks.

I hope that is of some help



Re: Biopsy results

9 Feb 2018 18:10 in response to CRUK Nurse Martin

Thanks for replying, we hope after the results things will start moving as it seems we are on our own