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Biopsy inconclusive what does this mean

8 Feb 2018 07:10

Hi while in the middle of a 4 week wait to get results from biopsy my husband became so ill yesterday he was admitted to hospital.  We were told his biopsy result was inconclusive but didnt really explained what this meant although they seemed to be inferring not cancer?  They more or less suggested we just go home and wait for our next appt on 23 Feb to find out what next.  However since 19 Jan when my husband had the biopsy and a stent inserted to clear tube from kidney where growth is he has become worse and worse.  He has not been eating much still drinking lots of water and sleeping whenever I dont wake him wether in a chair or bed. He is also very constipated despite lots of laxatives. The doctor yesterday seemed to be saying it was probably just worrying but I know this is not true and know my husband is ill.  He is unsteady on his feet and also has become vague this is all within the last few weeks.  He is 69 and before this an active and articulate man.  After a day in the medical day ward yesterday where my husband just slept or stumbled to the toilet or for the xray they decided it was too late to send him home.  They confirmed stent was ok blood pressure and sugar levels ok but he was dehydrated and had high levels of calcium?  I am still waiting to hear what next but they thought he would be transferred to the medical ward today.  I am so worried and am now confused about the biopsy result does inconclusive mean he does not have cancer and if so why is he so ill.

Worried and alone Theresa 

Re: Biopsy inconclusive what does this mean

8 Feb 2018 17:59 in response to TKR

Hi there Teresa ... so sorry that you've slipped through our net ... no wonder your worried and confused ... so would l be in your place ... sometimes it feels like no ones listening ... it is so sad and l feel a tad angry for you ... we know our own bodies and if it feels when not right ... 

I'm no medical person ... but in my opinion ... if l was in your place , I'd start insisting on answers to your question ... don't worry about being a pain ... sometimes we need to stand our ground... tell them how confused you feel .. and you want an explanation so you can understand ... and keep telling them , this is not normal for him ... have you got family that could support you at this time ... if not I'll get my coat ; )) 

Please let us know how it goes ... l know the N H S is stretched to the limits but write down the things that you want to know so you don't miss anything .. and if someone's with you, write their answers down ... and stand your ground ... we don't know how strong we are till our backs against the wall ..

Sending you a big virtual hug ... Chrissie ❤❤

Re: Biopsy inconclusive what does this mean

9 Feb 2018 09:41 in response to Chriss

Thank you so much for your reply Chrissie. On Thursday my husband was so ill I went to our GP and insisted he refer me back to the hospital.  After a 4 hour wait he reluctantly sent us off with a letter more or less saying pushy wife probably nothing.  First doctor more or less said your probably just worry causing all my husbands syptoms and go home and wait till 23 Feb for normal appt.  I again got stroppy and I said this is not just worry something seriously wrong.  Well finally got admitted and saw a doctor who directly I listed all his symptoms did a test and confirmed he had a seriously high level of calcium which if left could have caused all sorts of organ failure.  We were also told by this doctor his growth is not cancerous so we have been living a nightmare since 22 Dec when a phone call could have stopped it. 

Apparently high calcium is very serious and as well as treating to reduce it they must now investigate what is causing it and a cancer has not been ruled out.  So last night I slept for the first time knowing my husband was being looked after.  Reading your reply brought tears to my eyes as although I have got family my 3 year old granddaughter is suffering from Neuroblastoma cancer so my daughter a single mum is already struggling.

Thank you so much for the hug

Theresa xx

Re: Biopsy inconclusive what does this mean

9 Feb 2018 19:54 in response to TKR

Oh my hunny ... HIGH FIVE TO YOU ... l so wish I could have gone with you , coz I'm a very gentle person till l get my back up ... which takes something like what you were going through ... but you did it ... you stuck to your guns and you more then likely saved his life , let alone the pain he was in... l can't tell you just how proud I am of you ... bet those other Drs will eat their words now .. so now however things turn out , make sure you fight in your corner again ... make sure they give you information you understand ..

Well hunny as if you need more on your plate ... your little granddaughter going through her cancer journey,  must take so much out of you too .. my photo is my Emily she's my granddaughter and my world ,  l just can't even imagine how I'd cope ... so your daughter must be one strong cooky ... tell her I'm sending you all lots of caring thoughts to you all ... 

Well always here if you ever want a chat, or a little rant ... you really have made my day ... Chrissie ❤❤

Re: Biopsy inconclusive what does this mean

10 Feb 2018 06:14 in response to Chriss

Thank you Chrissy your Granddaughter is really pretty.

Well as you said the fight goes on.  Colin still in hospital but at the moment has still not been allocated a doctor as the departments all seem to be fighting NOT to have him.  Urology said not them Medical. Medical said he should be under surgical. He was transferred to surgical ward Friday then yesterday very abrupt and unhelpful doctor came in just before I went home yesterday to say not Surgical Medical. When I complained about confusion he said nothing to do with him.  I asked when tests would start to be done he said that would be when he was allocated a doctor as its weekend not till Monday at the earliest.  Even though it was 4.15pm I went down to the PALS office (Patient complaints) who were very sympathetic said they would take it up for me.

Im beginning to feel worn out and like I am just banging my head against a brick wall.

Thank you for your support just reading your replies helps.

x Theresa

Re: Biopsy inconclusive what does this mean

10 Feb 2018 09:03 in response to TKR

Hi there ... oh my Lord ... I'm deffinatly getting my coat .. them playing pass the buck really not helping ... but hang on in there ... right it all down, you may need it ... when l was having my one and only meltdown over worries of my son's heath ...

someone wrote on my thread and their only post was this one ... no idea who it was or where they came from just said .... "the devil whispered in my ear ... your not strong enough to weather this storm .... l whispered in the devils ear ..  I AM THE STORM  ... well whoever that was I'll be eternally grateful ... l picked up my boxing gloves and got back in the ring ...

So have a good scream ... shout ... but your doing this for him ... so look after your heart too ... "who cares for the carer"  and try and do nice stuff to ... as we need light things to help us cope with the heavy ones ... and yes my granddaughter is as beautiful inside as out ... as I'm sure your little hero is too ...

Keep in touch and know I'm right there in your corner ... ❤❤

Re: Biopsy inconclusive what does this mean

10 Feb 2018 09:06 in response to Chriss

Thankyou xxxxx