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8 Jul 2021 11:26

I have had a lump on my back for 2 years when I first noticed it GB said it was a subacuous cyst and not to worry went again and said the same thing went for the 3rd time abs was referred to dermatology who said without seeing me it was cosmetic and I didn't quality for removal, I was at the Dr a few weeks ago for something else and mentioned it to a different GP in my practice who referred me to get pictures and now I'm waiting on biopsy results wondering if it's skin cancer I'm petrified 


8 Jul 2021 16:58 in response to annie1974


I'm sorry you are going through this worry and I hope the results come back benign. Good luck and please let us know how you get on,

Angie (melanoma patient)


8 Jul 2021 17:01 in response to AngieT

I have had pictures and a biopsy 


8 Jul 2021 17:02 in response to annie1974

Yes, I edited my comment after reading the post in ask the nurses.  xx



8 Jul 2021 17:04 in response to AngieT

How long have you had melanoma? 


9 Jul 2021 10:11 in response to annie1974

I was diagnosed Stage 1 in 1996. It then returned, Stage 3 in 2009.


9 Jul 2021 10:14 in response to AngieT

Aww that's a shame xx


21 Jul 2021 23:09 in response to AngieT

My results came back as a sarcoma had my CT scan and just awaiting treatment xx


22 Jul 2021 08:02 in response to annie1974

Sorry to hear that Annie. I have no experience of sarcoma but I want to wish you well with your treatment.


24 Jul 2021 16:27 in response to annie1974


I am sorry to hear that! I hope you are feeling ok. What type of sarcoma do you have? 

I have been passed from pillar to post since March and finally referred to Sarcoma MDT 2 weeks ago, had my biopsy on 13th and having a consultant retroperitoneal sarcoma surgeon appointment on Tuesday 27th. ( I also had ultrasound and mri scans which were inconclusive).

Did you receive your results in person? I hoped they would call me instead with good news...





24 Jul 2021 16:32 in response to Red112

Mine is an angiosercoma

i have had my ct scan and consultants meeting is on Monday, what type do you have x


24 Jul 2021 17:28 in response to annie1974

They suspect retroperitoneal sarcoma but I am not sure if it is or isn't yet. I should find out on Tuesday at my appointment. They didn't tell me anything over the phone, hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

Fingers crossed it hasn't spread! 


24 Jul 2021 18:58 in response to Red112

Me to 


27 Jul 2021 21:35 in response to annie1974

Hi Annie,

I hope you are well.

I have been for my results today and it turns out i have fibromatosis so this is better news than expected. I will still need to see a medical oncologist to start my anti inflammatory medication and have scans every 3 months as it can get quite serious. If my medication doesnt work i will need chemotherapy so still not sure on how it will respond to medication but i am feeling relieved its not sarcoma. 

Sandra x



27 Jul 2021 21:40 in response to Red112

Aww that's great news Sandra

i got a call today to say CT scan didn't show anything else so want me to go for an MRI scan, and have to go to an appointment on Thursday to speak to my Dr it did sound a bit positive as she said she could tell me over the phone but my husband wasn't there so I didn't want her to tell me incase I missed anything, however I'm feeling more positive PMA

take care Sandra and keep in touch xx