Biophilia in End of Life Care Environments

28 Mar 2019 18:45

My name is Amelia and I am an architectural technologist studying for a Masters in Arts-Health.

I am currently research Biophilia in End of Life Care Environments and how it could help patients/staff and loved ones.

Biophilia is a term used to describe the biological need within us to be close to Nature. I believe that incorporating Nature in to our End of Life Care environments will help support medical treatment, improve general well-being, reduce stress, improve sleep and many more!

If you do anything today. Please let it be to participate in this short survey or pass the survey on to someone else so that I can gather as many of your opinions as possible! I would also be very grateful for you to copy this link and share it on!

Lets make a change and start the conversation about improving our End of Life Care Environments!

(All feedback is anonymous and greatly appreciated. I am only looking for opinions on the design and nature aspects of End of Life Care environments, not for the quality and/or provision of care.)

Many Thanks!