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Bile duct cancer

8 Nov 2018 17:40

Hi, I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer on 30th August, unfortunately advised I've proberbly had this at least 10 years, possibly 15, without symptoms. Only found ad I wad admitted to hospital with obstructive jaundice twice and choleitis. While ism not wallowing in self pity, I am very angry, told my cancer is stage 3 advanced, inoperable due to location and unlikely to be suitable with less than 10% of patients have significant tumour shrinkage following chemo.

This week consultant advised still can't have chemo as my liver function off with the real possibility may never get chemo. Now on morphine for pain control under local palliative team, feel like I've been written off.  Would be glad to hear of other experience with this cancer.

Re: Bile duct cancer

8 Nov 2018 22:43 in response to Kazal

Hi we are in the same situation just on morphine at moment just waiting for

palliative care to come out could I ask you where is your pain can not find anything about this cancer I am so confused about it all. Good luck anyway

Re: Bile duct cancer

12 Nov 2018 10:38 in response to Kazal

hi Kazal

my husband was diagnosed with cup on 24th July with mets to liver and lung we finally got a pre assessment date for chemo on the 10th sept by this time he had become jaundiced so they scanned him in the hope of fitting a stent to relieve this to then do chemo. The next day they rang and said they couldn’t do it as it was so aggressive and it was growing through the ducts and no treatment at all would be possible. We were devastated but my husband never once moaned about it just got on living hoping we would have months if not longer left. He quickly deteriorated from the 7th October and passed on the 21st October peacefully and not in pain but only a few days before he passed I was informed it was primary bile duct cancer. It’s rare and aggressive and I feel for you. Try stay as healthy as possible and also healthy in your mind as I think that helps. My husband was only just 48 a few days earlier. We have a 12 and 14 year old it’s so hard to be strong but he had the best positive attitude about it live everyday and don’t regret a thing. 

I feel after the fact now that like you we were just left to get on with it and feel let down how can this happen to a someone extremely fit and healthy to pass in 12 weeks  

I hope to you get some answers and have good family and friends close by to support you. Wish you well and good luck keep fighting not everyone is the same we live with statistics and you have to Be determined not to be one  I don’t mean to be negative with my story it’s just my experience  

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