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Being part of a personal, insightful photo series on cancer

30 Jan 2019 13:15

Hi guys,
My name is Alfie, I'm a photographer from South East London and am working on a photographic body of work which is aiming to shed light on the realities of living with terminal cancer. There is a lot of light shed on cancer, and its realities, however they little on when it becomes terminal and how the lives of the person with it and their close ones are affected. 

The body of work will be long term, involving me hopefully becoming close with the people I work with, documenting their day to day lives and the unseen impacts cancer has on them. 

It is an intimate question, asking to essentially become a part of your lives, the only thing I can offer is that you will have a collection of lovely moments of you and your loved ones, those moments which are so easily forgotton about with everything else going on. And that the stories of your lives will have a huge impact on the awareness of terminal cancer and will be remembered for as long as the photos stay around.   

My website link is

If this is something you are interested in or you would like to know more, please reply here. 

Thank you all,


Being part of a personal, insightful photo series on cancer

16 Feb 2019 07:11 in response to wzdca

Hey Alfie, 

Although I cant help you with the actual photos you would like to take, I just had to comment as this is such a lovely and sentimental thing for you to be offering, and for you to want to do. I really hope you do find someone for this. 

I have lost alot of people to cancer, so if youd like to hear different things from different people to give you more of an idea of how things are when cancer is terminal, then I'm sure you'll find many lovely people on this forum, and you can message me any time you like. Again, thanks for the thought. 

Alexia xx