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Been refered to breast clinic

2 Jul 2019 09:32

Hi all I’m 31 and felt a lump in my breast just over a week ago. I check my boobs quite often as I have really bad health anxiety, I’m absolutely terrified , I went to to the drs who felt my boob and said should couldn’t feel any lump just normal breast tissue she said to come back in a month and she will re check. A few days passed and I could stop worrying and could feel the lump it’s on my left breast near my nipple . Feels kinda like a pea and moves around . I went back today to see another doctor he could feel it and said it feels like a gland or breast tissue and I have quite nodules boobs . 

He said he isn’t worried by what he felt but has refered me to the breast clinic I understand they do this to he safe. But not I’m terrified can’t stop crying convinced I’m dying . I have 3 young boys 7 5 3. And I don’t want to die . 

We go on holiday the 15th July and don’t no if I would of been seen by then. 


Been refered to breast clinic

2 Jul 2019 12:20 in response to Robbo8790

Hi Donna

Referral to the breast clinic is usually a two week wait but you can let them know you’re going on holiday so they see you when you get back,

I can understand your fear, we’ve all been there and it’s perfectly normal. If you read through my threads I have lots of ladies who have been in be same position as you and there’s came back as something other than cancer. The fact that you are young is also an advantage as the odds of this not being cancer are on your side - it is rare to have breast cancer at your age.

Also cancer lumps don’t tend to move around and sounds like the doctor is correct in his diagnoses but just wants you checked to be 100% certain. That’s a good thing as it will help with your anxiety.

hope you get to enjoy your holiday x

Been refered to breast clinic

2 Jul 2019 13:53 in response to Magpiemaggie

Thank you, really appreciate your reply . I have rung them and told them of my holiday dates she said there quite busy at the moment and it may be longer than 2 week wait .

ino the odds are that it’s nothing to worry about but I can’t help but worry. I am glad there checking tho as your right will help my anxiety x 

Been refered to breast clinic

2 Jul 2019 18:13 in response to Robbo8790

Of course you’re worried but leaving it a bit longer won’t change the outcome. Try and put it in the ‘to do’ at some time box and concentrate on the fab holiday you’re about to embark on.

Been refered to breast clinic

2 Jul 2019 19:00 in response to Magpiemaggie

Thank you Happy it’s so hard it’s like I’ve convinced myself I’m going to die young and now I feel like this is it. 

I keep feeling it and I’m making my boob sore . I’m due on my period to I was on the pill for two months and this is the first month without so not sure if I’ll even come on on time or not .. so Ino tjay could be causing sore boobs .its hard to feel it when just lying down unless I grab it which is probally why the first doctor couldn’t feel it 

my cousin went through similar and hers turned out to be fatty tissue. 


Been refered to breast clinic

2 Jul 2019 20:16 in response to Robbo8790

Hi Donna I’ve found two separate lumps in the last 3 years and was absolutely pooping myself. Kept touching to see if it had gone or was my imagination making it sore. Nearer my periods it was more noticeable but still got it checked out ..... turned out Iv premenopausal fatty tissue I’m 43. It’s hard not to worry but if you trust your dr then try not to worry and go enjoy your holiday and make even more memories with your kids xxx 

Been refered to breast clinic

3 Jul 2019 09:31 in response to zeduk

Thank you. I feel ok for a while and then I feel terrified again imagining my kids growing up without me . I’ve been looking forward to our holiday all year and now I’m scared I’m not going to be able to enjoy it for worry. I’m still waiting for my period with it being the first month of the pill I no it could be late I keep hoping it goes down after it starts .. I just hope my appointment comes through quickly .i can’t eat my appetite has gone and of course I’m worrying that is because I’ve got cancer.. x

thank you for your kind words x 

Been refered to breast clinic

11 Jul 2019 18:30 in response to Robbo8790

Been worrying again today I still haven’t received an appointment.. 

i can feel another smaller lump next to the original one it’s tiny and hard and moves like the other one but then today I squeezed my nipple and I had green discharge come out .. the same on the other nipple to. The dr checked for discharge at the drs and there wasn’t any then it’s not uncommon for me to see tiny bits when I squeeze my nipples but never green so now I’m panicking .holiday is Monday so Ino I’m going to have to wait till I’m back and I don’t now how im going to relax . 

Been refered to breast clinic

11 Jul 2019 23:29 in response to Robbo8790

Hi Robbo

sorry to hear you are panicking, I think nipple discharge is quite common so not sure I would be that worried about it and the fact that the lumps move is a comfort. Try not think the worse, don’t let it ruin your holiday. Hope you have a good time with your family x

Been refered to breast clinic

12 Jul 2019 07:06 in response to Magpiemaggie

Thank you hun xx 

Been refered to breast clinic

12 Jul 2019 14:57 in response to Robbo8790

I just rung the breast clinic to see why I haven’t had an appointment it’s ment to be a 2 week wait .. 50 days wait at the moment cuz of the increase in women needing appointments I’m suppose to wait tha long with my worry lol x

Been refered to breast clinic

12 Jul 2019 23:25 in response to Robbo8790

Gosh, that is a long time but it means you are not on the cancer pathway. That is good news, not every referral to the breast clinic is because of suspected cancer it’s just that they have the technology to see what’s happening in the breast. Hope you’ll worry less now x

Been refered to breast clinic

13 Jul 2019 08:24 in response to Magpiemaggie

Thanks hun I’m going to try and enjoy my holiday next week and put it to the back of my mind .. x 

Been refered to breast clinic

13 Jul 2019 14:23 in response to Robbo8790

Great - hope you have a stress free, enjoyable holiday x

Been refered to breast clinic

29 Jul 2019 10:13 in response to Magpiemaggie

Still haven’t had my appointment, I’ve had a lovely holiday and have been able to relax somewhat , 

lump is still there though and it’s starting to bother me again , just rung the clinic and still no further to getting an appointment even though I was referred with the 2 week wait she said they just don’t have the capacity at the moment which is making me worry as obviously I should of been seen in the two weeks it’s just there two busy . 

I just want to go and find out what it is I am sure it’s nothing but the what ifs are driving me mad