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18 Aug 2018 08:48 in response to Gemini39

Good morning friends,

Thanks Gemini.

Hope you have a very plesant Saturday, Brian.

Beautiful pictures

20 Aug 2018 08:11 in response to woodworm

Good morning folks.


Have a great week folks, Brian.

Beautiful pictures

21 Aug 2018 08:04 in response to woodworm

More beautiful scenery over the past couple of posts Brian.  I really do like the last one of the 'green bridge' walkway over the motorway; a great aerial shot.

A couple of my views from yesterday's visit to London (the boats were my lunchtime view and such a peaceful haven within a stone's throw of the Tower of London). Jules



Beautiful pictures

21 Aug 2018 08:39 in response to jules54

A  few of the London views from my trip yesterday which I hope do not bore those viewing them!



Beautiful pictures

21 Aug 2018 16:36 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian Happy 

Beautiful pictures

21 Aug 2018 16:38 in response to jules54

Great photos jules thanks in sharing them with us hope u had lovely time . How’s u grandson I bet he’s spoilt Wink 

Beautiful pictures

22 Aug 2018 13:51 in response to Gemini39

Hi all,

Jules, I have not been to London for quite time, you reminded me, it might be a nice visit Happy


We had the Shine Walk in Glasgow Saturday night and it was really nice! Too pity, the pictures are not that good.

But! Yesterday, we had a visit at work - there are two CRUK volunteers doing 3peaks challenge 4 CRUK and they are so so so nice people! I admire their dedication and if you want to read something nice (they post photos too!), the link is here, it is worth reading it:


Have a great day,


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22 Aug 2018 15:51 in response to Gemini39

Hi Gemini

Yes, really enjoyed the day out thank you and never get tired of walking around London.

My newest grandchild (3 grandsons and 1 grand-daughter now) is very cute and just four weeks old.  I am not a 'spoiler' but do love spending time having cuddles when I see the family and of course playing with his older sister who turned 2 in May.

Hope you feeling better today and that the nuisance mouth ulcers will soon be gone.  Take care.  Jules

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22 Aug 2018 15:54 in response to zuzanka

Hi  Zuzanka

London is my home town but I never get tired of having a wander and am sure you would enjoy a return visit when you can find the opportunity.

Always admire those taking part in the various walks/challenges and thanks for sharing the link.

Take care.  Jules




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28 Aug 2018 08:49 in response to jules54

Good morning friends,

Still recovering from our show, Saturday and Monday were good but Sunday, although it sttarted off quite good, died a death as soon as the rain set in. So pleased we were in the house not the marque as we would have been standing in water plus it would have been quite chilly to say the least. We all did very well and I had so much interst in our club I had trouble trying to man my stall plus look after the club display stand. I sold all my cats and both elephants. I had taken my older laptop and had it playing photos of peoples work. Have now decided we must make a video with people talking and demonstrating their work as this will be an even bigger attraction. Here are some photos of peoples work.Brian.

Pyrography work

Veneered box

This bowl was made from Monkey puzzel tree and was sold for £600 

Hand made and painted toy bus

A beautiful carved fish

Beautiful pictures

30 Aug 2018 11:43 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here are some more photos from the weekend.

A burr oak bowl

A carved wolf

Pears and apples.

A nice carving, Brian

Beautiful pictures

30 Aug 2018 15:19 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian, it is lovely seeing the beautiful craftsmanship and such a great variety on display.  Difficult to choose a favourite but the burr oak bowl certainly caught my personal eye!  So pleased that despite the blip in the weather, you had two very good days and must be rewarding to get lots of interest in the Club and make some sales yourself.  Hopefully your energy will come back over the coming days as such of lot of work goes into these events by you.

Wishing you a pleasant and peaceful weekend with Mrs B.  Jules

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31 Aug 2018 08:27 in response to jules54

Good morning friends,

Thanks Jules. We also had some good laughs as well. Great bunch of blokes.

Pyrography work

Carved love spoon

All these are made from pallettes

More hand crafted wooden toys. 

I hope you like the items shown the last few days. We had one comment from a lady who said, "Thank you guys, You have really really made my day". That one comment meant a lot to me as I tried hard to show the diverse talents we have in our club, Brian

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1 Sep 2018 08:00 in response to woodworm

Good morning friends,

Have a great weekend folks, Brian.

Beautiful pictures

2 Sep 2018 06:10 in response to woodworm

Wow Brian thanks in sharing u work with us u all worked so hard . I’m so pleased 4 u all that it all went well and the rain didn’t put 2 much of dampener on they things . U all should be so proud of u self . Thanks again hope u had relaxing weekend u deserve it Happy