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Beautiful pictures

3 Jul 2018 14:00 in response to jules54

Hi all,


I need to catch up with so many beautiful pictures!

June was quite a busy month! I am one happy girl that could attend the Cancer Metabolism conference in Cambridge - there are two best conference for this topic and this is one of them! I am so infused with knowledge and new ideas! And looking forward to another conference - in Miami... I got the travel scholarship! It seem quite a lot good stuff is happening now!

I had also the clinical review and finally some good news! No new spreads in my lymph nodes! The old ones are still growing but slowly and I might be put on the clinical trial as well! I just need to put the scientific me aside a bit to be less skeptical. Happy


And almost ready for holidays! Andalusia is calling me Happy


One nice picture - swans close to the hospital. Happy



Beautiful pictures

4 Jul 2018 08:08 in response to zuzanka


Congratulations on all counts Zuzanka. Its dedicated people like you who are helping increase our knowledge of cancer andas a result,  I feel sure, significant progress is/will be made in the not to distant future. Well done you. Hope you enjoy your holiday, Brian.

Take care folks, Brian

Beautiful pictures

4 Jul 2018 15:27 in response to zuzanka

Hi Zuzanka

Good to read all those positives in your post and have a wonderful holiday when you get away.Lovely picture; I love swans; so graceful on the water and usually very good parents too. Jules

Beautiful pictures

4 Jul 2018 15:29 in response to woodworm

Great pictures Brian, thanks for sharing.  Have just got in from my work shift and very pleased to say that the air conditioning was working a treat ha ha. Now back to watch Wimbledon. Jules

Beautiful pictures

5 Jul 2018 15:44 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Thanks Jules.

Hope you like these, Brian.

Beautiful pictures

6 Jul 2018 11:38 in response to woodworm

Good morning everyone, 

Hope you are all well.

Have a great day folks, Brian

Beautiful pictures

8 Jul 2018 08:43 in response to woodworm

Thanks for the stunning pictures over the last couple of days Brian. I am pretty sure the last one on the 6th resembles the Dutch gardens I visited earlier this year; very beautiful indeed. A couple more from my camera below

Beautiful pictures

8 Jul 2018 09:16 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Thanks Jules Two more great photos,thanks for sharing

Thought you would like these, Brian.

Beautiful pictures

8 Jul 2018 14:21 in response to woodworm

Wow fantastic colours and that strawberry is incredible...........just would not want to eat it would you?  Thanks for sharing Brian.  Have my own bowl of strawberries to enjoy but no wonderful shapes to report.

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday. Jules

Beautiful pictures

9 Jul 2018 00:04 in response to woodworm

Hi all,

I do love all you nice replies to my news (I am super-excited!) and I love the photos too!

I find the cancer research really satisfying - right now, I think we are on something that could help with resistance to treatment in leukaemia. Happy


I am working on a painting inspired by the sunset I have seen in Ayr some time ago, the colours were unreal and I am trying to capture it now - have a look on my progress Happy

Have a nice week!


Beautiful pictures

9 Jul 2018 09:38 in response to zuzanka

Good morning folks,

Thanks Jules and Zuzanka.

Hope you all had a good weekend

Jules,I think the strawberry was giving the thumbs up for Wimbledon. There are some wierd looking fruit and veg out there. 

Zuzanka, Thanks for sharing your paintings with us, You are very talented. Incidentally, I have read your profile and that was a nice gesture, donating your long hair. Untill I met a lady through MacMillan I hadnt realized the impact that losing ones hair has on ladies. One of the lovely ladies who was a big part of the forum some time ago and who sadly passed away, went to see her favorite commedian. She had to leave to go to the ladies room during the performance and he made some comment about the fact she had to have her hair shaved not knowing it was because she'd got cancer which upset her very much. She burst into tears and was wary of going out afterwards. People can unknowingly be so unkind almost cruel at times. I was so lucky in that when I had my radiotherapy, the only hair loss I suffered was where it doesnt show ha ha.

Hope you approve of these, Brian.

Beautiful pictures

10 Jul 2018 17:47 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,




Yes, hair loss has massive effect on ladies. My only bright spot was donating them, but even like that, it was hard. I remeber having the cut hair in the envelope at home and being knocked-out after the dose - at one point, I started crying that I cannot have them there anymore and need to send them immediatelly.

There is another hair loss thing I noticed. When I meet another short-hairt lady, I can say whether it is because of the style or chemo, there is a kind of a look we exchange. Happy 



Beautiful pictures

10 Jul 2018 19:05 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian and Zuzanka

Lovely photos Brian especially like the moon shot.

You are both so right about the hair loss and when my best friend lost her hair (several times over the years of her treatments) it even took her family a while to adjust.  Each time it grew back she said she felt like a new born baby starting over again but was always good enough to explain the 'why it was happening' to the children she taught and in the end became a bit of a fashion icon with different head gear. I miss her inspiration.  My hubby's 'thatch' thinned slightly with his palliative chemo buthe did say he would rather have lost his hair than suffered the other side effectswhich left him very poorly for the last 12 months.

Zuzanka love the colour within your own painting.  You are a very talented lady.  Jules

Beautiful pictures

11 Jul 2018 08:50 in response to zuzanka

Hi Zuzanka,

The lady I knew made me laugh as when her hair grew back It was very curley and she said, At least I dont have to have to pay to have it permed anymore. She asked me how I would feel about losing my hair so being silly I said I would wax it so the flys could have free a skating rink My wife says she can never get any sense out of me and she could be right

For some time I have felt that cancer is two different problems; one is the cancer itself and the other is the emotional problems it causes for so many and for some that can be as hard as dealing with the cancer itself.

Take care, Brian.


Beautiful pictures

11 Jul 2018 22:23 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,


I quite a lot of people were telling me, the hair grow really curly after chemo - could you believe how much I did not want to be "a poodle"? My boyfriend was hoping I would agree that he cut his hait and made his had shiny and waxed - no way! That would not be really supportive although waxing his head seems to be his dream Happy

I agree that there are two problems with cancer and I can deal with the effects on me easier than the worries of other people. How can you tell your mom? So hard, I could not really tell her that my cancer is incurable - I still believe that manageable is quite a good result. But telling this to my mom? Impossible. I did something wrong almost 2 years ago - I did not tell her about my diagnosis, I told her this Christmas. Call me stupid, but I really though I would go through the treatment and at some point told her "I had cancer but it was easy, I am good now, don't worry". When I told her, she did not understand it was something from before but she thought I was diagnosed before this Christmas - and even like that, she seemed sad that I did not tell her sooner. I did not want to make her worried but I see now this could harm her too. Uffffff,so complicated