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BCC on nose

9 Feb 2018 12:16

Hi, I was diagnsed with a BCC on the tip of my nose 1 week ago by a consultant who stated I would be referred to hospital for surgery to remove it plus a skin graft.

I first noticed a lump mid Nov 2017 and by Jan 2018 it has rapidly grown into an ulcer which bleeds.

Can you provide any information on waiting times for skin cancer surgery? From what I've read it's not classed as an urgent referral and I'm wondering if the 18 week max waiting time applies?  

I'm concerned because the size of the raised lump / ulcer is getting larger.

Thank you


Re: BCC on nose

12 Feb 2018 16:11 in response to DawnAlison22

Hello DawnAlison22,

Thanks for posting.

You asked about skin cancer waiting times. Yes, you are right in that the 18 week maximum waiting time could apply for non-urgent referrals.

In reality, it is likely that it will be sooner than that, usually around the 4 to 6 week wait mark. But I am aware that there are regional variances for different reasons.

Sometimes, patients are asked by the clinic, if they wish to go on a cancellation list. Although this can mean having very little notice to attend the hospital, but you could enquire about this.

I am sorry that I cannot be more specific and hope that you do not wait too long.

Best wishes,


Re: BCC on nose

17 Mar 2018 11:48 in response to DawnAlison22

Hi I hope you have seen someone by now.  Thinking of you.  Keep busy and try to keep your mind off it as hard as that is . I have one on my ear and am waiting for results. So I know how you feel . Good luck and best wishes. 

Regards Possum