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Bad day today

22 Jan 2022 17:29

Hi all so sorry I'm gonna moan on here. Was diognosed last Oct I've had the lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node removed waited 4 weeks for results which weren't what I expected. Its spread to the lymph nodes so penciled in for surgery to remove them in February. I just feel so out of control of everything the waiting the plan for after surgery hasn't been told to me feel like I'm just a statistic not a they let you be involved with treatment plans or do I just sit back and take whatever they offer. Sorry for this guys but today is a really  bad day in my head.

Bad day today

22 Jan 2022 18:41 in response to Mollydot

You're allowed a wobble, so don't apologise for venting.

You're well within your rights to question why you're getting treatment X, Y and Z. Having it explained makes more sense in our heads than just ploughing on, so don't hold back when it comes to questioning why they're gonna be doing what they are.

Bad day today

22 Jan 2022 19:02 in response to Mollydot

Try not to worry,they will tell you about the whole plan just have your questions ready made they are also very supportive,I had a lump removed at 14 lymph nodes removed so I do understand,it's just the unknown im sure all will be ok x

Bad day today

23 Jan 2022 06:39 in response to ProfBaw

Thank you I think I need to write a list of questions to task the breast nurse. 

Bad day today

23 Jan 2022 06:41 in response to fifa

Thanks for reply  please can I ask did have chemo and radiotherapy or just radiotherapy. 

Bad day today

23 Jan 2022 18:05 in response to Mollydot

Hi there,

The cancer journey is tough and it's not surprising you are having a bad day. I had masectomy, lymph node removal and cancer was found in 2 of my lymph nodes. Have faith in your team , the main thing is that the cancer is removed and you are another step to recovery The breast nurses are very compassionate and will put your mind at rest, I phoned mine lots. 

Best wishes 




Bad day today

23 Jan 2022 19:34 in response to Silverdays

Thank you I think I will ring the breast nurse tomorrow. Xx

Bad day today

23 Jan 2022 20:04 in response to Mollydot

I was in the same boat as you. I was devastated to learn it has spread into my lymph nodes.  Got an axillary clearance booked on 1st February  and although that's distressing enough my thoughts are focused on chemotherapy...I've had some dark thoughts and my anxiety is're not alone...sending you love

Bad day today

24 Jan 2022 00:04 in response to Mollydot

I had chemo and radiotherapy and it was all worth it,I'm now I'm cancer free,I'm still on chemo tablets you will be fine just keep strong and tell yourself you will fight it x

Bad day today

24 Jan 2022 08:22 in response to Mollydot

Morning Mollydot, 

I know we talked some time ago and so I just wanted to jump on here to send you a massive virtual hug. 

Good luck speaking to your BCN today. 

Absolutely you should be involved in your treatment plan. I know I've often felt like a statistic on my rollercoaster of a journey so far, but we are emotional human beings and we need to feel involved and understood.  Ask whatever questions you want (write them down before). If figures help you, ask them what % will the treatment help reduce your risk of recurrence. Ask whatever you want to satisfy you about your decisions around their treatment plan if that's what makes it easier for you. We are of course all different and some people find it easier to just accept the recommendations of the experts, which is also absolutely understandable. The key thing is that this is about you Mollydot and you have to feel as happy as you can about the reasons that you are going forward with the recommended treatment plan. 

Sending another virtual hug - Mickey xx❤️

Bad day today

24 Jan 2022 18:05 in response to Donna1965uk

Hi Donna  I know what you mean I seem to be thinking about chemo even though nobody has actually said I'm to have as part of a plan. Fingers crossed everything goes OK for you 


Bad day today

24 Jan 2022 18:06 in response to fifa