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Back again!!

3 Mar 2014 17:14

Hello to you all I'm sorry it's been so long!!

Well I had an email asking me to complete the survey to help cancerchat improve and it got me thinking about the forum and you all. After saying how much it helped me and how wonderful I thought it was as it is I started to wonder how u all are and of course if the regular sufferers of  Brianitus are still hanging around!!! How wonderful to find you all still here!!!

I had my 1st yearly post op mamogram today which kind of pushed me into coming to say hello as there was something they wanted to take a closer look at and will get result two weeks time!! Life is still happening - I let go of my employers in sept 13 and from OCT to Jan had problem free few months and feeling good I became a grandmother in January to my sons baby boy which was an amazing joy for us all after an awful year, followed now by them splitting up and her using the baby as a weapon and I haven't seen him for three weeks and don't know when I will ( the pain!! ). After 1 year of fighting court awarded me middle rate DLA ( so keep going anyone who feels like giving up!!) mind you housing benefit are trying to steal some of it!!!! Got an appointment with CAB to help me appeal that tomorrow!!!

Apart from that I'm ok lol how r u all my lovely friends? I missed you!!!

Lots of love


Re: Back again!!

3 Mar 2014 17:45 in response to Afaith

Welcome back Ann,

We have missed you and your humour.  Yes I am still suffering from Brianitus but I do have it more under control there days as I hope you have also done with the cream buns!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad that the stress you were under with you employer has now gone and well done for fighting for so long for your DLA allowance. Sorry to read about your son and his girlfriend.

I hope all is well when you get your results in two weeks time. I know the next two weeks will seem like a lifetime for you but I hope you wont worry too much. It's funny you should appear today for I was thinking of you earlier on. Please keep in contact and let us know how things turn out.

Best wishes and kind thoughts being sent your way, Brian.

Re: Back again!!

3 Mar 2014 18:30 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian

Hope you and your wife n family are all keeping well?

As for  Brianitus - cream eggs keep appearing this time of year!! Mmm... Some things never change thank god!! How r ur books coming along?

Re: Back again!!

3 Mar 2014 21:26 in response to Afaith

Hi Ann,

It's lovely to hear from you again, like Brian I have often thought about you and hoped you were doing well.

I am glad to hear you've had a problem free period last year, that sound really positive, I hope the latest bit of the journey is also positive.

I went for my 3/12 check up last week, all is well at the moment.

like you a few of us on here have either become grandparents or had another grandchild. It is an absolutely wonderful and different feeling. I am sorry to hear you son and his otherhalf are now splitting up, that must be awful for you all, as for using the poor child as a weapon just shows a large amount of immaturity to me. He ho. That must be awful for you Ann.

Well Ann you've always seemed a good fighter and someone who gives good advice, so i do hope you win all your battles and it's lovely to have you back.

Take care hun


Annabel. xx

P.S. I thought it was cream cakes?????

Re: Back again!!

4 Mar 2014 01:02 in response to Annabel

Hi Annabel

Thank you so much for your lovely welcome back and it's so good to know how your doing!!! Oh yes cream buns are lovely but it will be Easter soon!!! So cream eggs are being shoved in my face everywhere I go it seems at this time of year or am I shoving them in my face?? Lol oh they are lovely!!

You have grandchildren Annabel?? It was an amazing time and I love him so much it's very sad so we've gone from right up to right down- I don't know!!

So good to see your still here!!


Re: Back again!!

4 Mar 2014 11:24 in response to Afaith

Hi Ann,

We are keeping very well and thanks for asking Ann. Cream buns, cream eggs, you do like creamy things Ann. You sound like me and my nuts, that still hasn't changed as a bag of cashew nuts found their way into our shopping trolley this morning. I was tempted yet again .

My book writing is still ongoing; I have at least nine underway at the moment. Must get some of them finished. Hope you have the sunshine today, it makes such a change to see blue sky's. I am sure you have been to my local Tesco's as when we went round this morning there was a large cardboard box at the end of the isle which had been full of Cadbury's Cream Eggs but they were all gone, not a single one left. So you must have a happy smile on your face if you were responsible for this depletion of their stock.

As you can see, I am just as silly as I used to be.

Take care Ann, best wishes as always, Brian.

Re: Back again!!

4 Mar 2014 13:23 in response to Afaith

Hi Ann

Lovely to have you back on the forum(had not been browsing but Brian left a big hint on my thread that an old friend had returned) - definitely missed those 'silly chats'.  Congrats on being a granny and hope its not too long before you are able to enjoy seeing him again.  It must be heartbreaking to see a baby being 'used' this way and can imagine your son must be distraught too.  We became grandparents for the second time last October to baby Zack and all in all the family are doing well.

Hope you continue to keep us company whilst you waiting for your results to come through as and when you feel able.  As you can see Brianitus still a regular feature (he says he has more control though). Afraid to say not keen on creme eggs myself so that should leave more in the shops for you though did buy some teacakes in the supermarket today (only went into for milk!!!).   Big hugs  Jules xx

Re: Back again!!

4 Mar 2014 22:28 in response to Afaith

Hi Ann love,

Yes I became a Nanna last September for the first time. Baby was a month early but fine and went home within days. ( And about 2 weeks before Jules's 2nd grandson)

A little girl called Ava Isabel. She's now 5 months,I have seen her 3 times as we don't live near each other and will be seeing all the family in 3 weeks time as my mother is celebrating her 80th here in our holiday cottages with lots of various members of the family. Even my neice who lives in Australia is coming with her son born about 5 weeks before Ava, so that makes me a great Aunt as well.

I did wonder if I would be a granmother but I am happy to have joined the ranks.

I do hope you can get to see your little grandchild, perhaps when things have settled a little. Perhaps a chat with his Mum on your own. Such a difficult situation. Yes they bring a lot of love with them. I have to say my daughter and I are even closer if that is at all possible. Lots of love doing the rounds.

So good to have you back and maybe we can help you this time with just chatting and listening when things are difficult.

He ho,

Take care


Annabel. xx

Re: Back again!!

5 Mar 2014 17:53 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

It's really made me laugh that so much time can pass but some things just don't change!!! Like us still suffering from  Brianitus!!!! And it still spreading around the forum!!

Well wasn't it a lovely day today? Your so right about the blue sky's and Sun Rays!!!! Doesn't it cheer u up and giv u a bit of energy!! My daughter is a nanny so we took her little one that she looks after and the dog for a nice walk and I even had a go on a swing ( just to show the little one how to do it of course!!).

Glad u and your wife are keeping well Brian it's so nice to find people well. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I told him about you and the forum but it doesn't look like he's got round to it yet!! How's your dad Brian?

Well I must go it's hubby's Birthday today so out for a family meal tonight,

Bye for now!! Ann

Re: Back again!!

5 Mar 2014 18:05 in response to jules54

Thanks Jules

I missed you too - think I just had to try to forget about cancer for a while!! Try being the word!!! Life got real tough. I missed our silly chats too it's just like old times eh? Feels like I've never been away!!

Congratulations on your new grandchild Jules!! Yes it's heartbreaking that they have split and my son been trying to distract himself a lot ( burying head in sand!!!) doesn't want to talk and wondering why he's about to burst!!! I'm not sure if she has postnatal depression but I think there starting to communicate a bit better lately so fingers crossed things are setteling down!! I hope!!

Yes  Brianitus seems rife on the forum even after all this time no cure found!! Some people are in denial. Jules- seems to affect the worst sufferers!!! Any luck at the bingo? I'm fed up of not winning anything!!

Catchup soon x lovely to talk to you!!


Re: Back again!!

5 Mar 2014 18:16 in response to Annabel

Hi Annabel

That sounds amazing!!! All the family getting together- aww and a little 4 month old girl how lovely!!! I'm a real one for the kids myself so much joy. I was saying to Jules that I think things may be settling now- fingers crossed I will c my little grandson soon!!! What else is there really eh?

When he was born Scott had ghe baby at first as his partner had had a cesarean and he had a look in his eyes that said - now I understand mum - when he looked at me. Isn't it an amazing thing!!!?

Well as I said hubby's birthday today so we can suffer from  Brianitus all we like tonite so must dash!!

Catchup soon


Re: Back again!!

6 Mar 2014 10:24 in response to Afaith

Hi Ann,

Glad to hear you had a laugh, for laughter is a very good medicine, just wish there was more of it about. Researchers have looked long and hard at Brianitus and have decided there is no cure in sight for me at least.

You are so right about the weather, and it looks like another nice one today. I liked the bit where you said you had a go on the swing just to show the little one how to do it. That made me laugh Ann, you have such a good sense of humour. Thanks for asking about my father; he is still waiting to go into hospital for a hip replacement. Very brave at almost 92 years of age.

I hope you enjoyed you meal last night and hubby had a enjoyable birthday. I bet you enjoyed meeting up with the family as well and I do hope your son and girlfriend get back together soon and you can get to see and hold your grandson again. I hope your friend with the prostate cancer is getting on okay. My wife's brother was diagnosed with it just before Christmas but his has already spread to the bones so Mrs B is understandably worried about him as he is her last close relative left from her side of the family.

May go and clean the car later, its something that I haven't done for a while and despite throwing hints at Mrs B, I didn't get any response so guess I'll just have to do it myself. Oh well.

Do take care Ann, sending best wishes to you and your family, Brian

Re: Back again!!

6 Mar 2014 11:47 in response to Afaith

Hi Ann

Can fully understand the need for 'space from cancer' time but hope if needs be we can be here for you  to chat. As you can see silly conversations still tend to keep us all going!!

Brian is still nuts about 'nuts' and I am still trying to be good (with some naughty days to keep me sane - yesterday I bought a fruit scone for him indoors but he opted for a crumpet for lunch so could not let the scone go to waste).

Will keep everything crossed that your son/girlfriend can makes things amicable so you can all get the benefit of the love that a baby brings into a family.  Sounds like they are trying to work it out and if she has post natal depression it would explain a lot of the emotional turmoil.

Hope you had a lovely evening for your husband's birthday. I love to eat out (not doing it quite so much now that we only have my part time wages and his disablement benefits) but as I am on a few days holiday have a few plans (day out with a friend will definitely include a not so healthy lunch!! and also taking our friends out for tapas next Tuesday as its her birthday and she loves Spanish food - new restaurant open locally so we will give it a go!!).

Sending virtual hugs and hope you having a peaceful day.  Jules x 

Re: Back again!!

7 Mar 2014 16:34 in response to jules54

Hello guys

I just had a call from Macmillan nurse to say they've looked at the mammogram and they want me to go for a biopsy next Friday!!! I wasn't expecting this and haven't even told my family as I didn't want to put them through this all over again!!! As you all know waiting for results is the worst and my family have got enough on their plates at the moment!! So here I am telling you guys!! Sorry as I know it won't be good news for you guys either!! I guess I will have to hang on to the possibility that it's benign or that at least it's found and can be dealt with!!

Looks like I'm in for a real dose of  Brianitus!!! Sorry I've not responded to your posts properly I'm in a bit of a daze to be at the moment to be honest!! ( remember the bit about not letting scone go to waste tho Jules!! Lol

Don't know wether to tell family now or wait for result - what do you think? Can't bare to put them through it for nothing!!


Re: Back again!!

7 Mar 2014 16:57 in response to Afaith

Hi Ann

So sorry to read that you have to go back following the mammogram and will be praying that its nothing sinister.  As to whether you tell your family I know how hard it is to hide your feelings when something like this crops up as in our situation we waited a good four months before telling our kids re hubby/dad diagnosis(there was no way we would hide it from each other though). We wanted the full picture before having to make that decision.  We had mixed feedback on our decision to wait  with our daughter being upset that we had not been open (though she understood why we did it) and our son just accepting the fact.  I wish I could offer better advice but think you have to go with your gut feelings on this one.  Assuming they know you had the mammogram then they will probably ask anyway.  Two ways of looking at it really- do you need their support to get through the waiting period ((you absolutely know your forum buddies will be here to listen when you want to share but hubby can give you real hugs) or can you cope until you have the biopsy andthen act accordingly.  Whatever you decide will be the right way for you personally.  Am here to listen whenever you want  a chat/rant or virtual cream bun.  Jules xx