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Axilla Mass

7 Nov 2019 11:01


I had excision and drainage of axilla abscess over the Summer which required three months of daily packing.  As soon as the wound fully healed another abscess appearred.  Another I&D and all was fine from an abscess point of view. 

A large irregular shaped lump then emerged and the whole axilla area has been swollen, sore to touch in places, feels weird, the lymph nodes seem to come up and go down and I get stabbing dull pains.  I have no infection and bloods are normal apart from slightly elevated lymphocytes.   When the pain is bad in my right axilla my left side also gets a weird tingling pain.  I have lumps on both sides, but both were thought to be fatty lumps with cysts.  I have never had these lumps investigated.  I also have neck, shoulder and arm pain which I had put down to a couple of bulging discs in my back.  Pain Management advised me that the bulges would not be causing this pain.  Neurologist performed nerve conductions and they were also normal.  He advised a bone scan but this wasn't followed up, and I felt to stupid to ask!  I also get stabbing breast pain on the right side of my breast, on my breast bone, ribs and back pain.  I had put the rib pain down to a pulmonary embolism I had in 2011 due to scarring?  I am tired to the point of crying, it is not a normal tiredness, it is more like I have no stamina and my muscles and joints ache.  I am short of breath on minimal exertion and have a weird hoarseness or dryness down my throat.  I have also been itching quite a bit (I had been thinking to myself that dear god, I really must bath the dogs and keep them off the couch!! but now Dr. Google has scared the life out of me!)

My Mam had mastectomy (sixties) and my maternal aunt had double mastectomy in her fifties.  I had a normal mammogram twelve months ago, but I was not as symptomatic then.  My medical history has pretty much mirrored my Mams to date. 

At my last surgical appointment the doctors were concerned about what was going on in my axialla and referred me again to the breast care clinic for ultrasound +|- bx.  I was scheduled for routine ultrasound once my wound had healed, but now I am being brought in urgently.  Hydradenitis was ruled out.

I'm just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and what their diagnosis turned out to be?  I wasn't worried, but the closer the date comes I am starting to over think.  The weird stinging pain and the lovely stabbing pains are a constant reminder that something could be wrong.  Dr. Google has also listed pancoast tumour, so between that and reading way to much about lymphoma I could really do with a bit of reassurance.

Thank you (and sorry about the long post, I have no one to talk to about all of this, especially as everyone is really only getting over Mam's diagnosis and illness)


I forgot to mention, I am also awaiting hysterectomy + BSO for chronic pelvic pain, lower back pain and severe abdo swelling.  I didn't know there was lymph nodes in that area until now!



Axilla Mass

9 Nov 2019 12:24 in response to Lain

Hello Lain, 

I just wanted to welcome you to our forum. I hope you won't have to wait too long for your ultrasound tests and results. I can imagine it must be a very stressful time for you while waiting to find out more about all this.

I know it is really hard but try not to worry too much or anticipate what it might be. The best thing to do to avoid thinking too much about this is to keep busy and distracted if you can and avoid looking things up online. Dr Google is not to be trusted as many on our forum will tell you. I can imagine it is hard for you to do this at the moment but it will help you feel a little less anxious. 

I hope you will also hear from others here who have been through all this before and that they will be along soon to share their story with you. 

Keeping everything crossed for you that everything turns out fine. 

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Axilla Mass

11 Nov 2019 09:48 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi Lucie,

Thank you for the warm welcome. Happy

Do you think I have anything to worry about?  I know you can't give medical advice as such or make a stab at a diagnosis and I know until I have the ultrasound and bx nothing can be confirmed either way, but I'd like to be a little bit prepared.  In your personal opinion should I be bracing myself?  I have put on a tonne of weight since the abscess as I was pretty much housebound for the Summer, so I do not have the symptom of rapid weight loss (typical for me though)


As you said hopefully some others will tell their story which will be very helpful.  The 25th November just seems so far away and I now have debilitating neck pain which is radiating to the lymph nodes in my neck. 

Will I be okay to drive home after the bx? I will be going to the appointment alone and the hospital is a forty mile drive, I will need to be home to collect the kids from school.

Thanks again Lucie