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Awaiting results for patch of skin removed off my breast!

17 May 2018 09:18

Im female, 27 and from the UK! End if March last year two little marks appeared on my left breast a couple of centimetres from the inside of my aereola. They quickly changed into open sores and I made an appointment with my doctor who prescribed antibiotics as there was infection. I finished the course and the sores continued to get bigger and kind of joined into one open sore about the size of a 5p coin there was discolord purple triangular patch next to it and crust around the sore so I seen my doctor again who prescribed me antibiotic cream which didn't help either I visited the doctor again and he referred me to breast clinic. I had my breast clinic apointment last June but my breast had healed quite well by then they did a ultrasound which found a sebaceous cyst in the breast and they weren't worried so I was discharged from the clinic. Not even weeks later and the sore started up again it did this again and again but never fully healed and just got worse. I visited my doctor several times and he has prescribed me many different antibiotics, creams and lotions over the the past year but it just kept getting worse very painful scarred and red and has always had a purple triangular shaped patch next to it a couple of weeks ago it turned into a yellow like blister which burst and scabbed over and the discolored patch got worse I went back to the doctor and he referred me back to breast clinic under the care of a breast specialist, I had my appointment on Tuesday just gone they did a ultrasound which shown there to be no lumps no cysts or anything and confirmed that it is to do with the skin, my specialist surgically removed the patch on the day to send off for testing (which will take upto 2 weeks as the patch is larger than usual) stitched me up gave me a course of antibiotics and a Mcmillan support card with the phone numbers and sent me on my way. I have an apointment back at the breast clinic on 30th of this month, has anyone had a similar experience to this and found out what it is my breast specialist is almost sure it isn't breast cancer but hasn't mentioned anything about skin cancer I'm just so worried!! Thank you in advance.

Re: Awaiting results for patch of skin removed off my breast!

17 May 2018 11:08 in response to Carly25

Hi Carly. Wow what a journey. Whilst I can't comment on what the issues are with your skin, I wanted to reassure you that you are not a passive participant in this situation. You can ask questions of the doctors and ask them to repeat the information or to explain it bettet, so please don't feel that you cant. I M just wondering if you have thought about calling the number they have given you? Did they allocate you a nurse whilst at the clinic...this is the usual practice. If so you could call them and ask them to go back over what the doctor has told you and ask more questions. They may not have all the answers yet but they can at least explain in a way you can understand. 

Have they said when you will get your results?

Re: Awaiting results for patch of skin removed off my breast!

17 May 2018 11:41 in response to Cornishpastie

I haven't been allocated a specific nurse I'm just under the care of the doctor as far as I know. I have an apointment on the 30th may at the breast clinic for my results, the doctor seemed quite baffled herself i think maybe because it is more of a skin problem than a breast problem, she said the results could take a bit longer than usual cause the area she  removed was larger than expected. I think I will phone the number later on and see what they can help me with, thank you for your advice I really appreciate it!

Re: Awaiting results for patch of skin removed off my breast!

17 May 2018 11:54 in response to Carly25

No problem. You can still call yhe breast clinic as so far all your tests and treatment have been with them so they can get someone to talk it through with you hun. Good luck and i hope you get some answers x

Re: Awaiting results for patch of skin removed off my breast!

28 May 2018 20:24 in response to Carly25
I know this is maybe an older post but is there any update? I too what can only be described as a sore just next to nipple - I also been attending nurses at hospital who have been dressing it etc. They say it is infected and have now given me 2 rounds of antibiotics still not clearing up and seems to be getting worse - as a large breasted lady very difficult to feel for any lumps never really tried to do that before unsure if have any. I have had some fluid leaking from sore sometimes clear, sometimes green and other times with blood on it. My GP has never examined it and no one has checked my breasts for lumps should I ask for someone to check this? Trying not to google things as everyone knows what it says but sometimes you can’t help it I am now getting a achy pain in breast which comes and goes - has anyone else had these symptoms.