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avoid dairy?

22 Oct 2015 11:03

Has anyone cured their breast cancer by cutting out all dairy products? There's an article about it on today's Mail on Line. I'd have thought if the story were  true everyone would know about it by now?

Re: avoid dairy?

22 Oct 2015 14:22 in response to dee lucky 13

Hi dee lucky It's really irresponsible of newspapers to mislead people with sensationalist headlines in order to sell papers. If only it was so easy as giving up milk butter and cheese everyone would do it. If you do have breast cancer please don't give up your current treatment.

This story may have its roots in some studies on hormones found in cows milk and their effect on possibly causing cancer in humans. However there are no definite results as yet. In the last few days Ive heard of being recommended tinned tomatoes or oxygen as a cancer cure. Do you think either of these is the miracle cure? Nope!

For what its worth I've had a dairy free diet for 30 years but it hasn't prevented me getting cancer. So dont believe everything you read in newspapers.  Kim



Re: avoid dairy?

23 Oct 2015 15:45 in response to dee lucky 13

Hello dee and thanks for posting,

The thing is that unless someone hasn’t had any standard treatment at all (which obviously no one would advise), I don’t see how they could know for sure if cutting out dairy products had cured their breast cancer, their treatment may have been the reason why there were cured.

The only way to know this would be to run a trial in which two similar groups of women with breast cancer were randomly allocated to have an ordinary diet or a dairy free one after having standard treatment. And as far as I know this hasn’t been done but many women go on to survive breast cancer without cutting dairy foods from their diet.

There has been and is ongoing research looking at diet after breast cancer treatment, but for now the general advice is to follow a healthy and well balanced diet. Another charity Breast Cancer Care explains this in more detail on their website at this link.

As well as diet, research is looking at whether or not other lifestyle factors might reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back. There has have been some research to suggest that increased physical activity may help. We know that being active can help to prevent other diseases like heart disease so this is something worth looking into. Breast Cancer Care also has some information about this too here.

Take care and do give us a call if you want to talk any of this over. We are here Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.