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Asbestos worries-

12 Oct 2020 19:27

Hi hi, realise this forum is full of these but can't help but be concerned- 


Was clearing out a trench in our back garden which runs alongside next door's asbestos garage, asbestos roof, the works.
I'm getting some work done so wanted to clear the trench of any possible pieces of asbestos that might have broken off- there were two teeny tiny pieces I wrapped up in plastic. It's also worth noting that the dirt itself I was a bit concerned about since it was where OUR asbestos garage used to sit a few years back before removal. 

Came inside, showered etc, but forgot to rinse my glasses- which I was touching often as I rooted around in the dirt etc- then my 7 month old daughter grabbed my glasses and shoved them straight in her mouth.


I've obviously spent the last few hours convincing myself she's now going to get seriously ill when she's older.

Asbestos worries-

14 Oct 2020 11:45 in response to bc33

Welcome to the forum Bc33 although I'm sorry for the reason you're posting.

If you're worried you or your daughter may have been exposed to asbestos then do be sure to get in touch with your GP as they'll be in the best position to advise on this.

I hope this information I've found will help as well.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator