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Asbestos concern -anxiety is consuming me!

26 Sep 2020 07:18



i have been really stupid and didnt do my home work! My farther and I removed old Marley floor tiles from my property, not knowing they could (never got them tested) contained asbestos! 80% of the tiles came off whole with the bitumen glue, only leaving a small amount of residue behind. In some areas we laid floor levelling compound and scrabbled the floor with a heapa filter vacuum on. I’m absolutely petrified about my exposure to asbestos. The floor with residue on it was left like this for three months while we continued work on the hallway/kitchen. About 70% of the floor is covered in floor levelling compound. What are my asbestos risks and developing cancer. We carried out the same process on my living room dining room 9 months later and I was living in the property then. My anxiety is consuming me and I feel sick inside, of only I had done my research! 


Asbestos concern -anxiety is consuming me!

26 Sep 2020 09:10 in response to Asil321


        you would need constant exposure over a long number of years to have an impact,whereas what you describe is very limited,so l cannot forsee any long term issues arising,the anxiety you are experiencing will do you more harm,


Asbestos concern -anxiety is consuming me!

26 Sep 2020 13:27 in response to gruntifen

Hi David,


i know your right, I guess there is so much scary information on the internet that I’m over analysis it. I’m scared that I will get cancer! I need to address my anxiety issues, I have gone back on my anxiety tablets and I’m seeking professional help. Thank you for your response