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Are these waits normal or being fobbed off?

8 Jun 2018 19:47

Feeling very frustrated as I first went to my gp back in march and have been waiting for answers for nearly 3 months now, with more waiting from now!! I'm having all the relevant tests (I have enlarged lymph nodes, tiredness etc.), already had a chest xray, ct scan which was inconclusive on my neck, and bloods. My gp basically didn't know why they were enlarged so referred me. I saw a haemotologist at the end of may who sent me for a full body ct-scan, and a neck ultrasound and biopsy, which I was told would all be on the same day within a 2 week period, and if they weren't within this 2 week period to get in touch! My ct is tomorrow but I had a letter with the ultrasound and biopsy as the end of june, and i had a consultation booked in for just a few days after where I was SUPPOSED to get results. I got in touch as I was told and they didn't appear bothered, despite the fact my lymph node above my collarbone has now grown quite substantially within the past 2 days and is like half a golf ball sticking out of my neck... i sent a photo of this and all that was said was it is still important to go to my second consultation even if ultrasound/biopsy results wont be back as its important to see me.

is this normal to wait so long for answers!!?? 3 months seems a ridiculously long time and to be frank i feel like i'm going out of mind! I'm not even sure if they do think its lymphoma or not because they all seem very vague when speaking to me about it, is it normal to feel kept in the dark in this way? The only thing i have been told is that they are very firm, but still relatively small

Are these waits normal or being fobbed off?

11 Jun 2018 15:29 in response to SunshineEm

Hello SunshineEm,

I can understand why you are feeling frustrated. 3 months is a very long time to have to wait and by now you obviously feel that you need some definite answers. How did your CT scan go?  It might be worth getting in touch with them again and to mention that you are worried because the lymph node has grown significantly in the last few days. Perhaps if you feel you are not getting anywhere it might be worth making an appointment with a different GP and showing them that it has grown and that you are anxious and feel you need some answers. Perhaps they would be able to write a letter to chase or speed things up.

I hope you manage to get somewhere with this soon. Don't hesitate to come back here and let us know what you find out!

Best wishes,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator