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Appointment tomorrow

13 Jan 2020 18:42

So I waited all week to find out on Friday that that had my results back and would ring me first thing Monday morning, I built myself up expecting some answers but told I initially had an appointment for tomorrow at 4, then they rang back and moved it forward to 2.30, I was feeling positive but now am fearing the worst, but whatever the results, I will deal with it and be fine xx

Appointment tomorrow

14 Jan 2020 13:34 in response to Niknik

I really hope you get the best news xxx

Appointment tomorrow

15 Jan 2020 15:01 in response to Krystalk

So I got my results and have been diagnosed with breast invasive ductal carcinoma, provisional grade 2, and due to having 2 lumps in different sections of my breast have to have a mastectomy, it's not the news I wanted but will deal with it head on. I am waiting on results of HER2? 
has anyone else had this test done?