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Anyone in need of head coverings?

23 Jul 2016 22:46

Hello all,

my mum passed away last year from womb cancer and I've only just felt strong enough to sort through her things. She had several nice  wigs and many hats, most of all which were never even worn or briefly tried on as I've kept her favourite one she lived in.

i did toy with donating them to a wig recycling place but most of them seem to charge people, and it feels wrong selling them. I'd like to give the entire bundle to any woman who can't afford to buy a variety of choices for herself. Some are bobs, some longer, some restrained gentle Browns and some made black and red. Various hats. I also have unopened wig shampoo and conditioner I'll include. 

Please, if you genuinely can benefit from them, please let me know and I'll post them all to you. I'm hoping it can bring even half hour of cheer for someone feeling low.


please please no one ask for them if you just plan to sell or benefit financially from it


Re: Anyone in need of head coverings?

24 Jul 2016 11:03 in response to Beckyvos

Hi Becky

I'm sorry to hear your mum had passed away from this rotten disease.

What a really nice gesture, especially as they are your mums, if no one here replies to you, try your local hospice, I'm sure they could match up recipients in need with you generous gift. Kim

Re: Anyone in need of head coverings?

24 Jul 2016 13:22 in response to Beckyvos

Hi Becky,

What a lovely and generous thing to do.

I would love to take them off your hands, or some of them, not for me but for a  friend who has just found out she has a third cancer and is going to have chemo, most likely. She says she has a big head and feels nothing will fit. So if you think any of your mums headgear would fit a large head of around 60cms it would be a great help. 


Re: Anyone in need of head coverings?

24 Jul 2016 21:11 in response to Beckyvos
I am about to start high dose chemotherapy and am told my hair is likely to fall out and I am looking for head turbans and wigs. any chance of being able to send pictures? am I allowed to put my email address in a post?

Re: Anyone in need of head coverings?

25 Jul 2016 14:57 in response to NickyF

Hi Nicky sorry for not responding sooner. In answer to your question, we can't allow you to post your email address on the forum so if you would like to contact @Beckyvos ‍  you will need to private message her. You'll need to send a friend request before you can contact someone by private message. You can find out exactly how to do that here

Hope that helps


Re: Anyone in need of head coverings?

1 Sep 2017 01:13 in response to Beckyvos

If u have any hats left I looking for one. All the hats I've bought slid up my head. I have bold patches buy my scare and they show and I get pain at the cuts. Even in the wind it hurts. 

Live been told that it is neve ending pain. 

Tracey x x