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Any experience of tamoxifen?

5 Apr 2013 02:02

Hi Everyone

I've had three surgeries and finally have clear margins. After agonizing over wether further treatment is necasssry I have reluctantly agreed to try tamoxifen as have cells estrogen +

I am pre manapausal ( that's menapausal lol!!!) and am really reluctant to have menapause symptoms!!!! I also have a disease called bechets which can give rise to arthritis visual disturbance clots skin reactions so am worried tamoxifen may increase these. Since there are no studies on cancer or cancer treatment and bechets it's gonna be a trial and error thing leaving me feeling a bit like a ginue pig!!!!

Still I'm more dreading hot flushes and night sweats leg cramps in the night ( lovely!!) I already feel low!!!!

Would love to hear about others experience with this therapy? Any tips etc or even positive side effect free experience ( am I pushing my luck??) would be amazing!!!


Re: Any experience of tamoxifen?

5 Apr 2013 21:23 in response to Afaith

Hi Ann,

I  am sorry but I just had to come and say I think you were right the first time with Manapausal. Love it. All sorts of images come to mind Ann. I wish I could help you with the Tamoxifen and Bechets question but I cannot. However I do sympathise with the thought of night sweats and cramps. I thought I had finished with all that but when I had the op in January they came back again. Bless them. Seem to have stopped again now. Good luck Ann. Annabel.

Re: Any experience of tamoxifen?

6 Apr 2013 00:02 in response to Afaith

so glad  hear that your surgery was successful! I took tamoxifen for 5yrs following BC diagnosis in 2006 and although i did suffer with night sweats I can truthfully say that i had no other side effects at all. It is a very widely used drug with a good treatment success rate. obviously with your other medical conditions your GP will monitor you closely I would hope. When i suffered with the sweating, my oncologist suggested that i asked my chemist to let me try a variety of manufacturers brands of the drug as the binding agents in them can sometimes apparently be the cause the problem and not the drug itself. My chemist was happy to help and my symptoms varied enormously on different makes and  i managed to find a brand that minimized the problem. You have been through so  much and have a fab chance of staying well now so give it  try, I suspect you may be pleasantly surprised, and you can always stop treatment if it causes you problems. i hope you make the right choice for you and  good luck xxxx

Re: Any experience of tamoxifen?

6 Apr 2013 01:36 in response to Afaith

Hi again - forgot to say there are several threads on the sie re tamoxifen - so put it in the search box and hopefully you will find them. Much love x

Re: Any experience of tamoxifen?

7 Apr 2013 03:33 in response to max56

Hi Max

Thanyou so much for sharing your experience of tamoxifen with me Max and for your encouragement and support!! It's not even so much the side effects in themselves you could suffer it to save your life right?? But it's the thought of having them and going back to do a really stressful job aswell. I just about coped before I got cancer. I wouldn't be able to do it. Family and friends say health comes first and to give up work but I justfeel like I'm letting my family down and would have a seriously impaired quality of life!!! As well as all the ...... That goes with benefits and benefit people in our lives!!!! And it's not even enough to live on!!! If we could pay the bills on it it wouldn't be so bad!!!!

Anyway Max as you say just got to try it and see what happens and won't know til then will I - thought of things is always usually worse!! Here's hoping!!

Thanks for the suggestion too

Ann x