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Angiomyolipoma/dromedary hump Right kidney

31 May 2019 22:34



LET ME TAKE YOU BACK 4 WEEKS AGO.... I woke up in the morning as normal and went to the toilet. As I have done for many years really suffered with a stiff and sore back until I have emptied my bladder.  Noticed blood on the toilet paper...I thought oh ive started my period. Only ive had a hysterectomy four years ago. Panic set in. Looked in the toilet and all fresh thick blood. And alot of it. It seem to just be trickling out. I managed to catch it and sat in the urgent care centre to be told I had a UTI. I was treated with a weeks course of antibiotics but the bleeding first thing in the morning hadn't stopped. (I had no other symptoms of a UTI no pain or unwell feeling).

Back to the GPS once a week for the next three weeks again with blood. No infection but blood in urine. They rushed me in for an ultrasound as I have previously has a kidney stone (left kidney).

Fast forward to yesterday.. my results indicated that I have a probable begnine Angiomyolipoma but unclear will require further imagery. It also indicated that I also have a dromedary hump with possible underlying renal mass. 2ww referal sent to urologist. Safe to say I am so worried. 

I have googled and googled but not finding much on either based within the Uk. There is lots of information on Tubular sclerosis that goes in par with angiomyolipoma but I do not have any other characteristics of that illness.

Is there anyone else my age and female been through this similar regarding the right kidney??


Many Thanks




Angiomyolipoma/dromedary hump Right kidney

1 Jun 2019 09:53 in response to Onedaymrsc

Hi Onedaymrsc.  

I should start out by saying that I'm not a doctor, just another cancer patient.  

First, don't be scared of the word tumour. It simply means "lump", and most tumours are harmless. 

The conditions you mention are pretty unusual, so I don't think anyone here is likely to have encountered them.  However both the angiomyolipoma and the dromedary hump are not cancerous, although the angiomyolipoma may need some form of treatment in the future.  

That only leave the "possible underlying renal mass". Unfortunately, I think you've bumped into the limitations of what ultrasound can find.  The fact it's a "possible" mass means it may turn out simply to be some fluke of the scan, and even if it is there, it isn't necessarily anything serious (remember most lumps are harmless), and finally my understanding is that kidney cancer has a very good cure rate. 

Now, everybody gets nervous when they're put on a two week pathway. I've been there several times myself so I know how nerve-wracking it is, but there is every reason to remain hopeful. There is a good chance that this will turn out to be nothing too serious.  

So, please try to keep calm.  I think the chances are that when you're referred you will be given more ultrasound scans, a couple of CT scans, and possibly a bladder cystoscopy for good measure.  The cystoscopy result you get immediately, but there is an inevitable wait for the CT results. 

While you're waiting, you might find some mindfulness or meditation/relaxation techniques useful. There are plenty of useful videos on YouTube and one of my favourites is One Moment Meditation.