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Angel feathers

9 Sep 2017 01:54

Just wondered if anyone else has found feathers while going on their cancer journey ... I lost my mum years ago to heart attach suddenly ... she was a best bud to me and my two boys .. I've felt her around in so many ways but mostly when I was diagnosed with Brest cancer.. feathers everywhere esp in my bra that had been through washing machine .. on my pillow on my tee shirts .. everywhere ... then when I got over my mastectomy and was on the mend the feathers stopped and the thing that amazes me is now my sister who has dementia and getting slowly more forgetful is finding feathers around her now ..

is it possible mum is watching us and knows when we need her ... ld love to think so ... xx

Re: Angel feathers

9 Sep 2017 23:38 in response to Chriss

Hi Chriss very interesting about the features I been reading about features there different colours and what the meaning are . How many features have u rescived all 2 gether where have u found them if u don't mind me asking. I lost my mother  on the 2 August 2017 i would love 2 think if I seen features that they was sign from my mother wouldn't it be nice . Take care and thanks in sharing x 

Re: Angel feathers

10 Sep 2017 00:07 in response to Gemini39

Hi there ... it's funny really, when I heard on program about feathers, or signs when I looked, I never saw one but so many times there were signs that she was around and always when I wasn't looking for them mums been gone now 27 years ago and it was only when I was diagnosed with cancer they started appearing... it could be just chance but they were in places were I couldn't believe how they got there .. 

You have only been a short time and I know when I'd just lost mum , it felt so raw and your prob still in the painful stage ... but I really believe ones we love do watch over us ... so thinking of you at this time .. thanks for your reply ... Regards Chrisie 

Re: Angel feathers

18 Sep 2017 16:00 in response to Chriss

Hi Chriss have u had any more features and signs lately hope u don't mind me asking take care x 

Re: Angel feathers

19 Sep 2017 13:49 in response to Gemini39

Hi there ... when I was diagnosed and started this journey, I found them even in my bra I'd just washed ... on my pillows , too many to mention ... but saying this I must tell you , she was the most wonderful mum ... all my friends called her mum ... she helped every one she met .. she had a big belly and when anything got me low I would lay on the sofa and she would stroke my hair ... not a word spoken but I would feel so much better and able to cope ... she loved my boys beyond life it's self ...

both have over the years had bike crashes .. my youngest got clipped by a driver and he was spun over the other carnage ways ... on one of the bisyest motorways ... he was injured but o.k .. my oldest son a few years later had bad crash .. I rushed to hospital where he was having scans .. when he came out , there on his forehead was a red kiss (the same colour my mum wore .. but there was no mark on his helmet that could have done it ..

my sister has dementia and after I got some good news about the cancer .. my feathers stopped but my niece has now found feathers around her ... 

i think lots of us get signs along the way , but there's a part of our brain that says 'just coincidence" and we doubt it ... so if anything happens just look up and say hi ... and just maybe they hear us ... Xx

Re: Angel feathers

19 Sep 2017 14:08 in response to Chriss

Hi Chriss thanks in sharing that with me I bet it such comfort when u see them and other signs as well hope u all ok now sorry 2 read about u sister. That hard as well my grandfather had dementia so I understand what u going through. I always think about my mother yesterday I must been in deep sleep and I had txt around about 7:00 in the morning and I woke and thought it was off my mother she used 2 txt me in the morning 2 see if I wanted anything Sad all day I felt down just wished it was off her. This morning I open my door 2 peg washing out and there was a butterfly flying around funny thing is I never see them when I walked out the door it just went it was strange . I felt at ease it was funny I can't explain it thanks again Chriss take care x 

Re: Angel feathers

11 Nov 2017 11:02 in response to Gemini39

Hi Gemini sorry late reply but only just seen your post on here ... trust your instinct.. too often someone gets a sign someone is around but logic stops us from believing ... one more little memorie I'll share with you ...

My youngest was 7 when mum went .. and a few weeks later he was out the front with his two little friends , I got call from my sister and I needed to see her so the mum of one of his little friends said she'd keep eye on him ... after bout half hour got a call from her to come back .. apparently they were all playing on my doorstep when they heard a noise from somewhere they all went to see what it was and there was no one there as they looked , a window from my upstairs bathroom had fallen out and crashed just where they were sitting playing ... mum adored kids ...was it her ... I think maybe , just maybe ...She'd made something happen to take them away ... 

If they watch over us , how comforting and if it is just coincidence no harm done ... that's why I look at things differently I still say goodnight to her ... and know shed feel happy to see us living life to the full ..and I know one day I'll see her again ... though for now she lives right here in my heart ...

So is your grandad sending you a few signs ... you bet your life he is .. next time you get one, just look up and say hi grandad ... and bet he's really proud of his wonderful granddaughter... take care... chrisie... by the way when you look for a sign you don't see them ... they come along just when you don't expect it ...