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7 Mar 2018 13:56

I have been very sick twice since Christmas, both times about 10 days with flu like symptoms.  I am still very tired and have no energy.  I went back to doctor last week and she said I was anemic and ran an anemia panel.  Hgb 10.5, HCT 31.7,

Ferritin 14, Rbc 3.75.  She has referred me to a GI dr.  My appt is not til April 16.  I don't wait very well.  In the mean time I feel more tired each day, having a few headaches and get out of breath.  At this point should I see a hematologist?

Re: anemia

9 Mar 2018 14:29 in response to squeak

Hi Squeak and welcome to Cancer Chat.

I'm sorry to read you've been unwell since Christmas but the good thing is you went to the doctor and you know what you're dealing with.

If you feel like you the symptoms you're experiencing at the moment are impacting on your day to day life then you could go to your doctor to let them know what's happening and see what they advise in the run up to your appointment with your GI doctor next month. They may be able to help you manage these symptoms until that appointment too.

Waiting for appointments can be tough as so many of our members here know and hopefully some of them will pop by soon to offer their support and advice.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: anemia

11 Mar 2018 02:34 in response to squeak

Really shocked to here you have to until 16 April,  I have had the odd periods of iron deficiency seeing doctor with days,  on contacting doctor reception asking for result being advised reading is low doctors needs to see you got apiintment within days.