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Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 08:46 in response to L27
Hi I am into my second week of treatment 8th radio today. Feeling fine so far. No side effects and no burning but told this happens later on....the treatment for me has been chemo tablets and radiotherapy for 5 1/2 weeks excluding weekends. I didn’t have my cancer removed they hope to shrink it.....guessing if not gone they will remove but hope it will. It very much depends on how it reacts to the has been a horrible worrying time, like everyone on this site with anal cancer it’s hard to get your head around. I found it helpful to discover it wasn’t just me,,there are others out there with the same cancer and it’s been good getting opinions and feedback. How is the treatment? I don’t seem to be effected by the sickness yet but it could come would be good to keep,in touch and give each other support. I hope it all goes well for you. Best wishes. Mandy

Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 08:56 in response to Suzym

Hi Sue,

as I mentioned there is a lot of forums etc out there but this one seems most current. When I have read others with older posts from a few years ago I got really scared with the posts about the burns and side effects, however we must all remember we are all different. When speaking to my nurse/oncologist the machines etc are so much more advanced than even 5 years ago so the older posts aren’t always as relevant- which gave me piece of mind.

i must admit I did shed a tear when the first chemo drug went in knowing there is no going back and it was now real and starting. However apart from the one night of being sick - before new meds I haven’t had a problem with the chemo and coped with the bottle well. I got the strange taste in my mouth but no ulcers etc.We only have it for 4 days so it does go quickly. 

As for the radiotherapy I do get my appt sheet and scribble them out after each session. I’m going for number 13 today. I do have a little bit of a sore bum but nothing too bad. After having surgery in November my bum is used to discomfort. When I initially read forums about having piles removed I was very concerned but I seemed to cope better than others so trying to have positive mental attitude that I will get through this!! 

Where are you having your treatment? 

I’m at Clatterbridge 

Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 08:58 in response to Suzym

Hi sue

its going well thank you! Day 8 today!  Nothing much to report really. The radio is painless..just laying down and being zapped. It only takes a few minutes but I guess the more I have the signs of side effects may start to show. The 1hour prior to treatment and waiting to go in add to the visit which takes up a big chunk of the day. Have you any dates yet? I finish radio on 28th March and then see consultant 6 th May to see how it all went. Due to the size of my cancer I am concerned it will still be there at the end of my treatment and so not sure if surgery will be the next step...unless I am just being pessimistic. I have met some wonderful people just sat waiting for treatment and it makes you realise you aren’t the only one going through it and they are all as shocked as you are....nobody is except from this it’s really luck of the draw. Being positive and busy helps. I am still working half of the day....driving myself and going to rely on family towards the end should I require it. Let me know when you have news starting. Wishing you all the keep in touch. Best wishes. Mandy x


Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 09:04 in response to Mandydk

Hi Mandy,

My treatment is going well so far, only had sickness for one night and not really got any side effects of radiotherapy yet apart from my bum is a little sore but think it’s quite sensitive after op to remove piles. Not feeling particularly tired or nauseous either. As I understand it from asking in hospital things can start to get worse end of week 4 into week 5. Just trying to take it one day at a time. Hope things go as smoothly as possible for you. 

Best wishes

Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 09:11 in response to L27
Hi, My treatment will be at Glan Clwyd, I live on Anglesey. My sister went to Clatterbrige many years ago with breast cancer...shes fine now. I too will have chemo through a picc line, I'm ok with that..i think. I can't wait to get going now, I've been held up a bit cause Glan Clwyd were waiting for results from Bangor on something else. Sounds as though your getting on ok so far, hope I will too. Sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 09:18 in response to Suzym

Hi sue, 

The picc line is nothing to worry about, I have had no issues with it. Even when they put it in it doesn’t really hurt as you have injections to numb the site. You have to have it flushed once a week but they do that at hospital. I can sleep properly without it causing any issues.

i hope all goes well for you, the waiting does make everything much harder. Once everything starts time goes quickly and just keep ticking those days off!! 


Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 09:32 in response to Mandydk

Hiya Mandy, 

I don' have dates yet. I rang my nurse on Monday she contacted the hospital and the delay was because they were waiting for the results of the endoscopy, which showed nothing amiss at all. 

I think your great carrying on with work and driving yourself and everything. I think you always make good friends in situations like these when your all in the same boat.

Look after yourself and keep us updated.

Sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Mar 2018 08:19 in response to Mandydk
Hi Mandy Just wondering how you are getting on and how many sessions you are up to now? I’ve had 17 now and am getting sore but still coping. So glad I bought a portable bidet- just in case, but it makes things so much easier Take care, hope all is well xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Mar 2018 09:17 in response to L27
Hi Everything going well, although a few minor hiccups. I have just been taken off my chemo tablets for one week because of my blood. Hopefully will resume next week. I have also had a very sore bottom. I Had one to start with but getting progressively worse but manageable. I am still managing to drive myself and working part time. I have a few helpers arranged to take me in the last couple of weeks. I have day 12 ticking them off. How is everything going for you? Mandy x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Mar 2018 09:42 in response to Mandydk

Same as you really, as a say a sore bum but I have found a gel that helps, it’s called StrataXRT, it’s quite pricey but when I use it, it sort of leaves a protective film on my skin that helps me be more comfortable and certainly helps with going to the loo. I just keep ticking the days off. I have my 2nd chemo bottle on Monday until Friday and then the picc line can be removed. Finding time going quite quickly but can’t wait until it’s all over!! Very impressed you are still driving yourself and working, hats off to you. Best wishes xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Mar 2018 09:46 in response to L27
Hi Did the radiographers say this gel was ok to us. I was worried about using anything that they hadn't ok'ed.. I work with my husband and we only work next door to the house so its easier for me to be honest. My husband has even set up a computer link to the house so I cant get out of it Happy It does however keep my mind occupied and stops me from thinking about the whole thing too much. Good luck with your treatment. Regards Mandy x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Mar 2018 09:58 in response to Mandydk


yes they checked out the gel, the radiographers and my nurse and consultant. It helps me with the stinging around the bum. The skin really stings when it touches together but it gives me a little protection. 

We all need to stay positive and remember we can do this xxxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Mar 2018 00:29 in response to Mandydk

Hi Mandy,

I had to ask for topical ointments.  There is a prescription lotion that helps the skin heal.  There is also a thick ointment that looks like vaseline (A & D ointment).  You can't put the ointment on before treatment (I think it might cause the skin to burn more), but it really helped otherwise.  It creates a barrier and makes it a lot less painful to go to the bathroom.

I'm sorry you have to delay the chemo, but they should be able to get you back to where you need to be real quick.

Take Care, Sheri

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Mar 2018 13:25 in response to texasgirl
Hi Sheri Thank you for your suggestions......I am sure its going to get quite unbearable as its progressively more painful each day - even with the salt water baths. I will ask about the others your suggest. They hope that the chemo can resume once I get another blood test on Monday...I do hope so! How are you now? xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Mar 2018 13:27 in response to L27



Thank you for your reply....I think its something that I am going to have to investigate....I am sitting lop sided at the moment due to the tenderness.... Sad  xx