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Anal squamous cell cancer

19 Feb 2018 01:08 in response to Suzym

Hi sue 

so glad that you are not driving and it always helps to have someone to support you, I m sure that your daughter will feel that she is realy able to help by doing this and it may help with her anxiety too. 

It sounds as if you are a few weeks from treatment yet but try not to be despondent as soon as it starts you ll feel relief that it is actually happening!  

I m sure you re not a t all boring I bet you are an absolute rock to your daughter and to value life and the small things you will realise that they are the things that matter . 

Dont make plans other than going you your hospital appointments because it does get very tiring and I find myself even falling asleep in the middle of my favourite programmes sometimes I only see the first 5 minutes and I m gone zzzzzzz .

take each day at a time that's what they told me and that's what I m doing! 

Take care Gilliebean xx 


Anal squamous cell cancer

19 Feb 2018 10:00 in response to gilliebean
Hi Gilliebean, You and your husband sound exactly like me and mine! I'm everything at full pace and he is much more 'i'll do it tomorrow' kind a guy. I get frustrated if I see something and can't do it so not sure how I will get on either. I am starting later today so will let you know how I get on ...thanks for the advise regarding the bucket and colds... I will also take your advise and talk plenty of rest s and when I need them. Thanks again for your reply. I'll keep in touch and let you know how going. Hope you are getting on well with yours. Mandyxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

20 Feb 2018 21:07 in response to gilliebean

Hello gilliebean and mandydk, just a quick update on the last couple of days.

Met with the clinical oncologist on Monday ,a lot of info! She told me my cancer was actually in the margin too, which I wasn't told before, and because of that there are almost certainly still cells there, so its 5 weeks of radiotherapy with chemo, originally I was led to believe the chemo would be in tablet form but now I've been told I will have a picc line inserted. 

I went for a endoscopy  today because of a thickening showing in my stomach on the CT scan but nothing at all showed up on that so that was god news. 

Planning will probably be a week on Thursday and treatment will start 2 weeks after. We worked it out my treatment will start about 19th of march.

They do have a hostel attached to the hospital for people that live a long way away, you get a self contained an suite room with all meals included for free. Which is fantastic, hopefully I'll use the room for the last 2 weeks of treatment.

Sue xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 10:08 in response to Suzym
Hi Sue Pleased things are moving forward. What do you mean about the cancer was actually in the margin too? I am on the tablet form and unsure why some are on this and some on the Hicc line. Does anyone know? I Started my treatment on Monday so at least its underway. So far so good. I am driving the first 2 - 3 weeks and then others are helping out. Its good that you have found accommodation at the hospital which will help enormously nearer the end. Wishing you all the best and keep us posted. Best Wishes Mandy xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 17:14 in response to Mandydk

Hiya Mandy, 

On previous reports they described my cancer as being personal and the way the oncologist was talking being on the margin was slightly worse but after googling it its the same place!

I've been led to believe that I had a small cancer which had been taken away with surgery, but now I'm being told they haven't got it all, although I was told without more treatment it will come back, so it makes sense now why my surgeon was so sure it would come back. I did say I thought I'd have chemo tablets ( so I was told) but he just said no we want to put in a picc line.

Do you have far to go for your treatments? Your nearing the end of your first week now, do you still feel "normal"? You will be nearing the end by the time I start.

Thinking of you Mandy.

Love sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 17:16 in response to Suzym

That shouldn't read personal it should read perianal, 

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 17:20 in response to Suzym
Hi Sue I have been in contact with others with anal cancer and even when a tumour is removed they still do radio or chemo to check everything is gone and nothing will come its not a bad this. My treatment has started - finished day 3 today! So I now have 5 weeks left!! At the moment I feel no different but everyone keeps telling me it will hit me with burns and tireness so I am just waiting... I has advised by my nurse to start soaking in salt baths in preparation for it to start so I am gradually doing this every night which is lovely.....I did also air myself last night to try and keep things as dry as possible..... I am still working. I have dropped from 40hours to 20hours because of the journey and so far don't feel tired. I am sure I will as I Progress so prepared to have a week or so off should I be suffering. I will let you know how I get on ......wishing you well for your next appointment. Kind Regards Mandy xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 17:33 in response to Suzym
Hi Sue I have a 1 hour drive.....traffic permitting - all appointments are different times and you get a sheet showing these dates prior to when you start which is good for planning. I have already met lots of lovely people who sit waiting for their treatment, all ages and range of different cancers. Do you know why you are on the Hicc line? It must be something to do with the position or size of the tumour....I was told tablets from day one. I have a 10 minute intravenous of chemo on the first day and radiotherapy...followed by each day of radiotherapy and the oral chemo tablets....These are to be taken only on the days of radio treatment so nothing to take at the week-ends...I am also taking a steroid tablet for just the 3 days I start, anti sickness tablets if needed plus antibiotics for the duration. I will keep you posted and thinking of you. Mandy xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 17:36 in response to Mandydk
Hiya Mandy, The different things they tell us.. I asked about having baths they said definitely not, just showers and not to soak the skin, or is that maybe later when the burns start. I'm not going to work once treatment starts, but don't think I'd manage the traveling anyway, it will be 50 miles to the hospital and I work 23 miles away from home. Let me know how you get on especially with any little tips. Sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 17:45 in response to Suzym
Hi Sue Yes this is prior to blisters or burns - soaking in salt water. Then its dabbing and drying with a hair dryer when sour....oh the wonders of technology! I have been told it could be like sun burn but have spoken to others and not that I guess we are all different. The other things they have mentioned is sore hands and bottoms of feet and mouth sores... Again not everyone gets them but they like to tell you just in case you get any of these side effects and so you are aware its normal....I will keep you posted. Take care. Mandy xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 17:48 in response to Mandydk
So you have quite a drive as well then. No I don't know why I'll be on the picc line, I did try to ask but didn't get an answer, it was my nurse who told me I'd be on tablets in the first place. He asked if I knew how big my tumour was, all I'd been told was it was 2cm, but he told me it was actually 2.5cm x 2.5cm, so again not sure if that particularly big. I've been told once the line is in I must keep away from colds and such, and as I'm a lab technician for a diagnostic company probably not a good idea to go to work anyway. Sue x

Anal squamous cell cancer

21 Feb 2018 17:50 in response to Mandydk

Yes I was told about the palm and feet and sore mouth too.

Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 00:29 in response to Suzym

Hi Mandy,

Its been a while since we last chatted, how are you, how is the treatment going, hope your OK.

Sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 08:25 in response to Mandydk

Hi, I seem to be having treatment at roughly the same time as you. I am 12 sessions of radiotherapy down so far and had the picc line for chemo. Was very sick from the chemo but they gave me anti sickness tablets-stronger ones that sorted that out. I have been reading many forums in preparation but this is the first time I have actually commented as felt too nervous to!! Like everyone else I am dreading the burns and am very worried. 

I went to have a standard heamerroidectamy and then they discovered cancer. Felt like my world just came crashing down. Trying to stay positive as most of tumour was removed but need to have full treatment Incase of any rogue cells remaining. 

Anal squamous cell cancer

28 Feb 2018 08:40 in response to L27

Hi L27,

Welcome to the forum and our little discussion about our bum cancers.

Your sounds very similar to mine, I went to go with piles too was sent for surgery and then discovered anal squamous cell cancer. I haven' actually started my treatment yet, still waiting for planning appointment.

Are you getting on ok with the treatment? I'e found this site a godsend , the girls on here are very supportive and you can ask them anything.

It' a very emotional time and it' nice to talk to people going thru the same thing. I found it very hard at first to tell people exactly where my cancer was, but I don't care now and I think people need to be more aware of anal cancer because it could so easily be missed.

Please keep in touch and keep us updated on how your getting on.

Sue x