Anal squamous cell cancer

29 Jun 2019 06:14 in response to Bum1

Cindy, I am so sorry to hear about your bout with the shingles.  A couple of my family members had them and they say it is the most painful thing you can go through.  It sounds like it's behind you now and you are feeling well enough to enjoy the grand babies.  That's wonderful!  I miss having little ones to play with.  Our 17 year old grandson lives with us which we love and my daughter’s girls are 13 & 9.  The 13 year old is into her own thing and tolerates grandparents, but prefers to be elsewhere which is understandable.  The 9 year old is full of ***** and always happy.  She wakes up super early excited that it's morning.  I am definitely not a morning person.

We typically do not have much of a spring here in Texas.  It gets hot pretty quickly by June and doesn't cool down until well into September and is still warm but bareable in October.  It was on our national news tonight that France was experiencing record heat as well.  

It was great to hear from you and your positive attitude.  My grandson had a bad stomach virus earlier in the week and I caught it a couple of days later.  It's a challenge to get my system back in whack AND to get the weight back on.

Hugs to all, Sheri xx