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Anal squamous cell cancer

24 Jan 2018 20:41 in response to Janelucia

Hello JaneLucia 

Sorry to year you are having a hard time- have they prescribed oral morphine and the gel for you I found they helped also they gave me polymed pads which I found helped. 

I think you’ll have finished your treatment now - I found the two weeks following that the hardest but then seemed to turn a corner, 

Im sending you warmest wishes and if you can persevere for the next couple of weeks I’m sure you’ll start to feel better.

take care Sandra x

Anal squamous cell cancer

25 Jan 2018 12:41 in response to SandsJ

Hi Janelucia , have been worried about you and so sorry to hear that you are suffering pain from the radiotherapy just wanted you to know that both me and sands have been thinking of you and wishing you well. As sands says the 2 weeks after treatment were grim but then hopefully you too will turn that corner as she did. Wishing you a good recovery and hope that your pain eases soon . Love and best wishes Gilliebean x

Anal squamous cell cancer

26 Jan 2018 14:44 in response to Janelucia

Hi Jane

This is really weird that I have just found you.  Its Mandy.  Like you I have just received my diagnoses.  I have also been diagnosed with anal cancer and will be starting treatment within the next 2-3 weeks. Its all very scarey but just found this site and it helps to read all the positive responses and people going through similar experiences.  Do get in touch if you wish I would like to see how the treatment goes and I wish you well.  I believe positive thoughts are a must. xx p.s. I do like to message friends so if you want to get in touch I would be happy to give you support from an old friend! x

Anal squamous cell cancer

26 Jan 2018 15:38 in response to Mandydk

Hello, radiotherapy finished last Thursday but was not prepared for the radiotherapy burns that continue after treatment.  Have we chatted on another site or do I know you from somewhere you seem familiar.  Picc line is due to come out Monday as long as all goes well x

Anal squamous cell cancer

26 Jan 2018 15:52 in response to Janelucia

Hi Jane

Glad to hear your side effects have settled down now and your treatment has finished. Like you I have been diagnosed with anal cancer. My treatment starts in 2-3 weeks so its early stages for me. I have been on the site for the first time today to try and get some feedback of what to expect. Its all very daunting. Like you I have a good family helping me along this road. It would be nice to keep in touch and give each other some encouragement. This site is wonderful and gives information that you otherwise wouldnt have. Wishing to all the best for the future. x 

Anal squamous cell cancer

26 Jan 2018 21:32 in response to Janelucia

Hi JaneLucia 

Sirry to hear you are having a tough time  - the two weeks after my radiotherapy finished were pretty rough  - I felt worse than when going through treatment - pain and emotionally struggled also felt very “abandoned” had been in a routine for six weeks then it was a bit like right that’s you finished off you go!

I was lucky had an amazing colorectal nurse who I talked to and r abused this was quite “normal”

i hope you’re getting good pain medication and after about two weeks I did turn a corner and started to feel a bit more normal.

i hope you begin to feel better soon / thinking about you

Sands x

Anal squamous cell cancer

27 Jan 2018 02:13 in response to SandsJ

Janelucia, if you have privacy it helps the skin to heal if you don't cover it.  Maybe leave off underwear and wear a skirt or sleep in a gown and maybe only use the bed covers on one side.  I was able to do that while in the hospital, but it became difficult once I got home due to my teenage grandson in the house.  

It takes a while, but I hope you feel better real soon.  

Anal squamous cell cancer

4 Feb 2018 17:00 in response to Janelucia

Hi JaneLucia 

Been thinking about you hope you are doing a bit better and that you’ve started to heal?


Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Feb 2018 00:35 in response to SandsJ

Hi Janelucia 

how are you doing. I started my chemo and radiation today .i hope that you are not suffering to much since finishing your treatment however even the nurses have told me that a few weeks after is the worst! You ll soon be on the up I m sure.  Sending best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and relief from the burns love Gilliebean x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Feb 2018 23:30 in response to Mandydk

Hi Mandydk,

The wait is miserable, but so is the treatment.  The first 2 - 2 1/2 weeks aren't so bad.  Hopefully the days will fly by for you.  

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Feb 2018 23:40 in response to texasgirl

I'm curious to know if anyone else experienced hair loss?  My chemo oncologist said that most people do not loose their hair with this treatment, but his PA said that I would. ??? I lost most of mine, but it did not come out in plugs like other cancer patients.  Thankfully I had enough hair for two people so it's just super thin now.  I'm not confident enough to shave it unless it falls out more although I see many women that have and they look great.  The chemo nurse said my hair loss was related to my nutrition.  I got off to a rough start and lost 20 lbs that I didn't have to loose.  It seems to have leveled off now at 17 weeks post treatment.

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Feb 2018 10:36 in response to texasgirl



Thank you for your reply. I am in touch with Janelucia and she has been a rock with all her experiences but its also nice to hear from others going through similar. I feel that my tumor was simlar to yours in size, spread etc so guessing that the experience of the treatment may be similar. I however, have felt fine except for a sore bum!  I hope you are feeling better and and wish you well at your next followup.  I see you mention hair loss in another post...  I was told its unlikely I will lose hair but again everyone is different so I am anticipating its possible.You seem to have had a rough time with weight lose but hopefully you have a better appetite now? xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Feb 2018 20:06 in response to Mandydk

Thank you, Mandydk.  I felt fine with just a sore bum until about a week before I got in to see the doctor for a third opinion.  I waited too long to try to get a third opinion and it was a 6 week wait to get in.  I kept thinking I would get better, but that didn't happen.  I got off to a rough start.  Spent lots of time in and out of the hospital.  I've always had an appetite but there were many days that I had to stop eating to get my tummy under control.  I'm getting better each week.  

Did you start your treatment or do you have another week to go?

Anal squamous cell cancer

9 Feb 2018 10:08 in response to texasgirl

Im just to start the treatment and meeting the Dr on Tuesday. I am having mixture of chemo and radiotherapy and chemo tablets. I will be going every day for 5 1/2 weeks.  I think most on this site are the same.  All I know is that my tumour is large - or as they say advanced. Its not spread elsewhere so localised. The thing with me is I had no symptons. No pain, blood etc.  im sorry to hear you had a rough start but hopefully you are on thte road to recovery ....getting your appetite back will definately help - its good to hear you are getting better each week - this is good news! xx    

Anal squamous cell cancer

9 Feb 2018 18:51 in response to Mandydk

You are so fortunate that it is localized and that it was discovered.  

It is often overlooked due to the location.  And it is usually pretty bad by the time one has symptoms.  

IMost people don't have issues with the radiation treatment for the first 2 - 2  1/2 weeks.  I will keep you in my thoughts.