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Re: Anal squamous cell cancer

10 Mar 2019 19:48 in response to Bum1

Your treatment is more or less what we all went thru , you will meet a lot of lovely people as you are going thru it, both staff who help you and other patients, I live quite a way from the hospital, so the last couple of weeks I was able to stay in the hostel at the hospital where I met a lady with the same cancer as me and who also lived locally to me, we have remained friend and still support each other when we go for check ups. I also had my youngest daughter who was there for me all the way thru.

I can't believe now it's been a year since we all went thru it, don't be afraid to ask questions at the hospital, and keep them informed of how you are feeling, your skin will get very sore..tell them, they have loads of medicines to help , ask if they provide pottys , mine was a godsend when treatment got difficult, you will feel her tired, go to bed and rest, I had a few weeks when I just took to my bed and let my family wait on me for a change. Your family and friends will feel useful if you let them look after you, and most of all don't be afraid to have a cry!!

Sue x

Re: Anal squamous cell cancer

10 Mar 2019 20:58 in response to Bum1


welcome to this little bottom club. Keep your spirits up and if you feel liking asking a question no matter how trivial or silly it may seem at the time ...ask away. I’m 1 year past treatment and in myself pretty much back to normal apart from the Bottom burps! I also had stage 3 so please ask away...anytime. We are here for each other. At the beginning I felt so alone but once I joined in this little group it helped to hear from you...on your journey. Best of luck tomorrow. Mandy x

Re: Anal squamous cell cancer

11 Mar 2019 00:49 in response to Bum1

Hi there, I’m 17 months out. I was also 3b. I was misdiagnosed by 2 docs and was pretty ill by the time treatment started.  Currently no evidence of disease.  Next PET scan in May.  I didn’t know at the time what I know now and have learned from ladies in another support group. I apologize if I’m telling you things you have already learned.  Be sure to drink lots of fluids during chemo to flush it out of your system. A full bladder during radiation protects surrounding organs. And you need to do pelvic floor physical therapy pretty quickly after treatment. Otherwise everything atrophies. Most people don’t notice anything from the radiation for 2 1/2 weeks. The docs will prescribe ointment and pain meds to make you more comfortable. They can prescribe something for nausea if you should need it.  Eat small meals throughout the day and avoid fried, spicy and fatty foods.  Once you start to feel the burns use lots of ointment to keep the pee from burning when it hits the skin. But make sure you don’t have any on during treatment. Sleep without underwear and allow the air to hit the area.  Sitting in a tub of warm water helps with the discomfort.  If the pain meds make you constipated take a stool softener.  

It was very scary to me, but I’m a big OLD (68) baby.  In fact, I’m still scared.  A few of the ladies managed quite well with treatment. The treatment is universal, very successful, but really tough. I have discovered; however, that some docs know more than others. I may not see your posts right away but I will always respond. Hope this time breezes by for you. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Hang in there.  It DOES get better. Sheri

Re: Anal squamous cell cancer

15 Mar 2019 04:27 in response to Mandydk

Mandy and SandsJ  I somehow overlooked your post.  I saw my radiology oncologist Wednesday and asked about having a full bladder prior to treatment.  Apparently the team has never heard of it and don't understand how it would help anything.  I took information on a pelvic floor therapy place that my new PCP referred me to.  When I gave the oncologist the information she said "oh, we refer people to .......".  And I'm sitting there wondering why they didn't refer me.  Luck of the draw I guess.  I'm getting help now so that's super.

Thank you for the suggestions!  I am eating everything I can think of but it's just not working.  There is a 6 week Cooking After Cancer class starting April 1st.  I didn't feel up to going the last round and it is not conveniently located (peak traffic getting there), but I'm determined to make it this time.  My hubby took over the cooking years ago because I worked long hours.  He is a great cook but he cannot understand no fatty meats and nothing fried or spicy.  So I'm going to tackle it.   

Sands, I'm sorry you were struggling mentally.  It's a traumatic diagnosis for us and for the entire family.  I feel like I'm walking a fine line holding on always a bit emotional, but I'm going to make it just fine.  And chemo brain is real, but I'm hoping that this is as bad as it will get.  

Mandy, I sent you a message with my FB info.  I rarely post but always seeing what everyone is up to.

Much love and big hugs, Sheri