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Anal squamous cell cancer

2 May 2018 04:04 in response to lisa1975

Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time of it.  You are in the most painful week.  Thursday is just around the corner so hang in there.  I wanted to tell you and Lynne that I had a really hard time with diarrhea (8 days uncontrollable).  I finally got a nurse that suggested that I completely stop all food until the diarrhea stopped and to slowly introduce bland food.  I only allowed myself about 1/3rd of a banana when taking pain meds.   It took a couple of days and I was really hungry, but it was worth it.  So that's an option should you get it again.  The problem I find with Immodium is that it makes me constipated even just taking two and then it's really painful and becomes a vicious circle.

Sue, I'm so glad you are starting to feel better.


Anal squamous cell cancer

4 May 2018 14:20 in response to texasgirl

HI all


yay 50% completed.

Please don’t let anyone play “ring of fire” by Johnnie Cash, feeling uncomfortable!

hope you are all ok ladies.

Lynne xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

4 May 2018 14:36 in response to Lyndylou67
Well done Lynne, soon be finished. Sue xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

5 May 2018 07:52 in response to Suzym

Yay, I finished my treatment on Thursday and I rang the bell! Follow up appointment in one month and he’ll book my liver scans then. 

Very sore down below and I’m just not fussed on the Polymem dressings as they make the area hot which I find even more irritating, so using nothing apart from pain relief. Clatterbridge and the trust they are in don’t allow the use of creams or gels, only aquamax and the Polymem dressings!

Can anyone recommend any over the counter products? 

Thanks xx

hope everyone is doing well xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

5 May 2018 08:01 in response to lisa1975
Hiya Lisa, I wouldn't know what to advise on over the counter stuff, I only used what the hospital gave me. What is aquamax? You'd think the hospitals would use the same stuff wouldn't you? I've got 2 tubes of unopened Diprobase I could send you, if you think that would help. I've got quite a bit of the morphine gel too left over but I don't think that would survive the journey as it has to be kept in the fridge! But other than pain relief that's all I used. What about asking your own gp for some potions and lotions? Hope you get on ok, it does get very painful over the next week or so. Sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

5 May 2018 08:31 in response to Suzym

Hi Sue, thanks for your reply.

The aquamax is the emollient they gave me to moisturise my skin, can’t use that now as skin is broken.

I expected to get morphine gel to slap on, like you and others had mentioned, but no, this hospital trust don’t recommend it’s use!?!? 

He gave me liquid morphine to take as a stronger pain killer, but I just wanted something to soothe the area, especially my lady bits! Xx 


Anal squamous cell cancer

5 May 2018 08:41 in response to lisa1975
Hi Lisa, I can't believe they don't give out more to help. It gets very painful, you won't manage without more help. I found the gel an instant relief, even with the itching. I still use it occasionally and the Diprobase but my bits are getting better now. All the broken skin has healed, with me now it's just the going to the toilet pain. My wee doesn't burn now but I have to be careful how I sit as I can feel the inside my lady bits and anus are a bit tender. As I said I have 2 tubes of Diprobase I can send you, although I think I went thru about 5 tubes altogether. Send me your address if you want them. Did they give you a potty? That was a godsend, I use that for going to the toilet then clean water with salt to sit in for about 10 mins each time, I'm convinced that helped my broken skin too. Sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

5 May 2018 10:46 in response to Suzym

Hi Sue, you’re very kind to offer! I think I need to book an appointment with the GP on Tuesday morning and ask for something more, they may not even need to see me, but be willing to prescribe anyway. 

Did you use the Diprobase on broken sore skin? I thought  that would be a similar product to the aquamax- told not to use that on broken skin!?

I have my own bidet that is the best thing I’ve ever bought!

Anal squamous cell cancer

5 May 2018 11:22 in response to lisa1975
Hi Lisa, Yes I used Diprobase all the time, even thru treatment. And the morphine gel morning and night, but with the gel it had to be prepared especially so they needed 3 days notice . If u change your mind let me know and I'll send you the Diprobase. Sue x

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 May 2018 15:19 in response to Suzym

Hi Girls

i have radiation cystitis, very painful to pee!

did any of you hav this and if so can you offer any advice. I’m drinking lots of water which eases it although having to spend more time going to the loo. Is there anything else I can do?

Lynne xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 May 2018 15:34 in response to Lyndylou67

Hiya Lynne,

Yes I got it too. The best thing I found for it was peelng into warm water on my potty and painkillers. There' not a lot you can do, the good news is it doesn't last too long, well it didn' for me. The worst thing I've experienced is the pooing thing. It's only now that I feel things are settling down a bit and I'm 2 weeks post treatment now.

Sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 May 2018 15:50 in response to Lyndylou67
Hi all, Yes peeing pain and pooing pain.....we all have had it! One good this is it does go and quite quickly when I look back. I found the most relief for me was cold water pouring over my front end using a jug when I had a wee - the cold water took away the pain of going and pooing in warm water eased the other end..... It only lasted a week or so although at the time was horrible. I was lucky enough not to use any pain killers or gel like everyone has mentioned - although a nurse told me after treatment to go to waitrose and buy baby bottom butter and it was lovely - smelt divine also!. My Dr didn't like us to use anything so I had to grin and bear it! I'm pleased to say I have no pain front or back now and I have my first Dr appointment tomorrow after treatment - i.e. 6 week later appointment. Sue mentioned warm water peeing - if it doesn't work for you try the cold as it definitely took the pain away for me....good luck and don't forget it doesn't last long. love to all. Mandy x

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 May 2018 17:58 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lynne,

I used A&D ointment to coat that area.  It is clear and doesn't have an odor. It's similar to vaseline.  It keeps the urine from burning the skin; however, it does not heal the area.   I would not put it on until after treatment that day.

Yeah Lisa!  

Sheri xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 May 2018 18:09 in response to texasgirl

Hello Ladies,

Did anyone have tummy issues after treatment was completed?  I had bad diarrhea during treatment but I didn't have stomach cramps with it.  For the past few months I have been doubled over with stomach pains.  The gastro doc thought it was my gallbladder which is low functioning and referred me to a surgeon.  The surgeon does not believe that the gallbladder is causing the severe stomach pains.  So we are still trying to figure it out.  I do not have any food allergies.  

Sheri xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 May 2018 18:13 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lynne, I have it too at the moment! Dread going to the toilet! (Sore to both pee and poo!) 

All I do, is drink plenty, keep dosed up on pain killers and pour cool water as I wee, helps a little but still bloody sore!